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Christopher Columbus - the world most famous Polish discoverer of America born to illustrate for people intelligent mechanisms of morality

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Dec 8, 2010, 8:33:23 PM12/8/10
In the last day of November 2010, with a great surprise I reviewed the
article entitled "Columbus was son of Polish king" from page A13 of
the New Zealand newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on
Tuesday, November 30, 2010. This article reported interesting results
of research on the origin of well-known discoverer of America, the
sailor remembered in the world under the name of Christopher Columbus
(c. 31 October 1451 – 20 May 1506) (see his portraits in the
This research was described in just then published book [1#I4] by
Manuel Rosa, entitled "Columbus: the Untold Story". On 30 November
2010, on the subject of claims of that book were also available
articles in internet, e.g. at addresses (in
English) and (in Polish).

As it stems from that book, the repeated everywhere supposed origin of
Christopher Columbus from the Republic of Genoa, in north-western
Italy, results from the fact, that in Genoa lived an Italian family
with name of Colombo, which fabricated the false will of Christopher
Columbus to inherit his wealth. Because the Columbus hide for the
entire his life the true origin, all known claims about origins of
Christopher Columbus supposedly result from that falsified will. On
the other hand, according to that book, Christopher Columbus in
reality supposed to be a son of the cowardly Polish king, named
Vladislav III Yagello, called Varnenchick (31/10/1424 - 10/11/1444)
(see his portraits in the When that young and
inexperienced king at the age of 20 commanded the entire Polish army
in the battle with Ottoman Turks near Varna in 1444, seeing that the
battle is lost, the young king supposedly just show cowardice and
being scared of the death he fled from the battlefield leaving his
soldiers at the mercy of enemies. After the fleeing from the battle,
he supposedly did NOT return to Poland, but settled in the Portuguese
island of Madeira, where he started a family and had several sons. One
amongst his sons supposed to be Christopher Columbus. At that time
supposedly a lot of people in Europe knew about the escape of
Vladislav III Yagello from the battlefield, but it was the taboo
subject about which no-one supposed to talk openly. In Poland also
supposedly people knew about that, but for the "keeping the face" and
for the wrongly understood "maintaining the national honour", Poles
pretended that it happened differently and claimed that Vladislav III
Varnenchick died a hero death on the battlefield.

The book [1#I4] discussed here provided an array of empirical evidence
in the confirmation of just such origins of Christopher Columbus.
Their examples can be: the secrecy that the family of Columbus
surrounded everything about themselves (e.g. Christopher Columbus even
to own brothers wrote pedantically ciphered mails), excellent
education and high marriages of Columbus (truly fit for family of
kings), and many other facts. Further evidence on the same we know
from the Polish history, e.g. that after the battle of Varna neither
the body nor the precious armour of the king was ever found.

If Christopher Columbus really turns out to be the son of Vladislav
III Yagello, called Varnenchick, then his nationality become a perfect
example how intelligent, clever and inventive are works of moral
mechanisms and laws. After all, only intelligently working moral
mechanisms could cause that all people who were culprits in the
"conspiracy" that hide the escape of the king from the battlefield,
would become very intelligently and inventively punished. For example,
in order to protect such a father, Christopher Columbus would be
forced to hide his true identity and true origin for the entire his
life - thus going through a real psychological hell. In turn e.g. the
Polish nation, which would assist his kingly father to pretend being a
hero, would pay for this with the loss of international recognition
that the famous discoverer of America was of the Polish origin.

For me personally the highly intriguing in the entire above history is
how God is able to illustrate on examples that "immorality never
pays". After all, examples like the above loudly shout that truth
always prevails, while these people who intensely try to hide it, or
that assist in hiding it, only loose on this a lot.

In the history described here hides yet another "moral lesson" that
God gives to us. Namely, it reveals that some leaders and politicians
are only heroes when they sit comfortably in armchairs from their well-
secured offices. But if they are placed on a battlefield under the
fire of the enemy, the entire their heroism immediately escapes. This
explains why present politicians go into the dangerous areas only
secretly and with extensive personal security measures. This also
explains why inhabitants of the Earth should adopt the principle that
if any politician starts a war (or in any other manner contributes to
starting a war - e.g. through voting "pro" war), then when his cadence
expires, he should be send in the character of an ordinary soldier to
the most viciously fought section of the frontline of the war that he
started. I am ready to bet here, that after introducing such a
principle all politicians would bend backward from the enthusiasm to
fast solve in a peaceful manner every international conflict or
problem. It is worth to add, that such a principle would have "self-
regulatory" attributes - which are most desirable in any mechanism,
especially in work of human morality.

* * *

This post summarises item #I1 (or #I4) from the totaliztic web page
named "mozajski_uk.htm" (updated on 1 December 2010, or later). Thus,
reading the above descriptions would be even more effective from that
web page "mozajski_uk.htm" than from this post, as on the web page are
working all (green) links to other related web pages with additional
explanations, it is printed in colour, it is supported with
illustrations, the content of it is updated regularly, etc. The latest
update of the web page "mozajski_uk.htm" can be viewed, amongst
others, at addresses: (this last address has
a very low "monthly bandwidth" and thus it is active only at
beginnings of each month until its "monthly bandwidth" is exhausted).
Notice that every above web site contains all totaliztic web pages,
including pages "text_1_5.htm" with free copies of monograph [1/5].
However, devoted to mechanisms of morality volumes 1, 4 to 7, and 12
to 13 of monograph [1/5] I would recommend to download from the
address where this monograph is
updated the most frequently.

Each topic which I am subjecting to a public discussion, including
this one, after the discussion is placed on all blogs of totalizm
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It is also worth to have look in there at related posts, e.g. at posts
number #186E, #183E, or #180E which also concern mechanisms of

With the totaliztic salute,
Jan Pajak

P.S. I should add here, that my previous post was discussing the
evidence on software character of information from DNA. This my
previous post is available at the address:

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