What If - Britain's King Charles III gets buried in Jerusalem ?

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Sep 12, 2022, 2:22:35 PM9/12/22
interesting read, from:

Britain's King Charles III is a problem for the Palestinians - opinion
The royals’ desire to be buried in Jerusalem demonstrates a longstanding
affection for the capital of the Holy Land - known as "Christian Zionism."
By STEPHEN M. FLATOW Published: SEPTEMBER 12, 2022 04:05
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KING CHARLES III, as the Prince of Wales, meets with Palestinian
Authority head Mahmoud Abbas in Bethlehem, 2020. (photo credit: FLASH90)

The ascent of Prince Charles to the British throne King Charles III is a
problem for advocates of the Palestinian Arab cause. The new king’s
connection to a key Jewish holy site in eastern Jerusalem could focus
attention on a subject that the Arabs are anxious to avoid.

King Charles III’s grandmother, Princess Alice, and her aunt, Grand
Duchess Elisabeth, are both buried in a small Christian cemetery on the
Mount of Olives, near the largest Jewish cemetery in the world.

The Mount of Olives is in that part of the city that the Palestinian
Authority calls “Arab East Jerusalem.” The PA says that the area should
be the “capital of Palestine.” According to the PA, Zionists – whether
Jews or Christians – have no right to be there. They’re “illegal settlers.”

The cemetery where the two royals are buried belongs to the Church of
Mary Magdalene, a Russian Orthodox church and convent that was built at
the foot of the Mount of Olives in 1886 by Tsar Alexander II. It is
located directly across the Kidron Valley from the Temple Mount, the
holiest site in Judaism.

Princess Alice, who lived in Greece during World War II, sheltered a
Jewish family from the Nazis and was posthumously honored by Yad Vashem
as one of the Righteous Among the Nations. Alice, who passed away in
1969, left instructions to be buried at Mary Magdalene cemetery. Her
remains were transferred there in 1988.

PRINCE CHARLES and a Holocaust survivor light a candle at Central Hall
Westminster, as his wife, Camilla, looks on. (credit: Courtesy)
PRINCE CHARLES and a Holocaust survivor light a candle at Central Hall
Westminster, as his wife, Camilla, looks on. (credit: Courtesy)
The British Royals practiced Christian Zionism
The royals’ desire to be buried in Jerusalem demonstrates a longstanding
affection for the capital of the Holy Land, something that reflects what
we call “Christian Zionism.”

Whether or not Alice or Elisabeth ever called themselves “Christian
Zionists” – and whether or not the new king thinks of himself as such –
doesn’t matter. The historical facts speak for themselves. Charles knows
that his Bible describes the founder of their religion traveling and
residing in territories with Hebrew, not Arabic, names – because those
areas were, and are, central parts of the Jewish homeland. If there had
been a Palestinian Authority in those days, no doubt it would have
denounced Jesus as a “Zionist settler.”

As prince, Charles visited the graves of his grandmother, and her aunt,
when he attended the funeral of Shimon Peres in 2016. Perhaps, in the
PA’s eyes, that made him an “accessory to Zionist settlement activity.”
Interestingly, Charles’s visit to the Mount of Olives was undertaken
secretly, without the knowledge of the public or news media, apparently
for fear of offending the Palestinian Authority.

It’s easy to see why the PA would have been angry over Prince Charles’s
visit to his relatives’ graves. Any focus on the Mount of Olives is a
public relations disaster for the Palestinians. It reminds the world
that one of the most important Jewish religious sites in the world is
situated in eastern Jerusalem – shattering the myth that it’s an
all-Arab territory that belongs to the Palestinians.

The PA and its media allies call it “Arab East Jerusalem,” but that’s
just a propaganda term. The Jewish people’s roots in eastern Jerusalem
go back thousands of years, long before any Arab claims.

THERE’S ANOTHER reason that talking about the Mount of Olives is a
public relations headache for Arab propagandists. Anybody who takes even
the briefest glance at the mount’s recent history discovers that when
the “moderate” Jordanians occupied it from 1949 to 1967, they destroyed
thousands of Jewish tombstones, which they used for paving roads and
building latrines in Jordanian Army barracks.

That experience reminds everyone how Arab regimes have mistreated Jewish
holy sites throughout the century – a legacy the PA itself has continued
to the present day, with its repeated desecrations of the Tomb of Joseph
in Nablus, and the Tomb of Rachel in Bethlehem. When will the Jordanians
and the PA pay reparations for all the damage they have done to Jewish
religious sites?

The existence of the Church of Mary Magdalene is yet another PR headache
for the Palestinians. It was established in 1886 – at a time when no
Arabs called the area “Palestine” or called themselves “Palestinians.”
That is yet another reminder that Palestinian national identity is a
recent and shallow invention, created not because Palestinians are any
different from Jordanians or Syrians, but simply as a weapon against the

The founders of the Mary Magdalene church would have scoffed at the
notion that the land on which their church was built, and where the
remains of Alice and Elisabeth were “settled,” is “occupied Palestinian
territory.” They know that the Bible which they revere calls the
territory the Land of Israel, not “Palestine.” They know that the Bible
repeatedly refers to Jerusalem as the capital of the Jews – and that
Jerusalem is not even mentioned in the Koran.

How King Charles III interacts with Israel, and whether or not he visits
his illustrious family’s graves in Jerusalem, remains to be seen. But
the facts about why his relatives are buried there, and who the city and
the country belong to, are part of a historical record that cannot be

The writer is an attorney and the father of Alisa Flatow, who was
murdered in an Iranian-sponsored Palestinian terrorist attack in 1995.
He is the author of A Father’s Story: My Fight for Justice Against
Iranian Terror.

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The Jerusalem Post Annual Conference | September 12, New York
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comments include:

15 hours ago

Congratulations to the Jerusalem Post for publishing a decent story for

While I understand this to be an opinion piece, I think it's important
that the article included many facts the Palestinians and anyone else
cannot dispute when it comes to who the territory actually belongs to.

Yo-Semite Sam
14 hours ago

It belongs to he who can win the war de jour, and, thereafter, keep the
land, and then win the next war. Keep winning or lose the land. Simple!

It's all about war. It's all about winning. Might makes right. Or didn't
you know that?

Why do you think that nations collectively spend tens of trillions of
coin on their war machines?

9 hours ago

Well written and factual article. I would challenge the mainstream news
media outlets to carry this article if they have any integrity.

Nadav Katz / נדב כץ
12 hours ago

P a l e s t i n i a n i s m, like Pan-Arabism and like Islamism, negate
the very existence of the Jewish people as a people - despite nearly
4,000 years of its existence - and is committed to obliterate all that
is Jewish in the national home of the Jewish people.

Yet, international law - based on historic and moral grounds - defines
our country, since 1920, "the national home of the Jewish people" where
Jews may settle and dwell in it at will, and re-constitute Jewish
sovereignty over it.

The fact that Palestinianists demonstrate difficulties with the fact
that world leaders adhere to the historic, moral, and legal rights of
the Jewish people as a people tells a lot about Palestinianism, and the
story is ugly!!

15 hours ago

Old Roman Empire Maps list the location as Judea prior to the
destruction of Jerusalem. They renamed it to eliminate the name of the
Jews from the location in the same way that Carthage was plowed and s
with salt. This has nothing to do with Jesus and the Mount of Olives
since Christians were an offspring of Judaism, but primarily spread in
areas without Jewish education such as Greece and Rome because
worshiping a man in Judaism is idolatry.

Lone Stranger X
11 hours ago

No doubt if the new King will attempt to visit his grandmother he will
have more security from the Israeli government than they give us Jews
who go there.

7 hours ago

Absurd analysis. Charles is a woke progressive. According to UK Guardian
(2020): The Prince of Wales has sympathised with the Palestinian people,
speaking of the hardships they face and saying he wished them “freedom,
justice and equality” in the future. Charles’s words of support – spoken
during his first visit to the Palestinian occupied territories. “It
breaks my heart therefore that we should continue to see so much
suffering and division. No one arriving in Bethlehem today could miss
the signs of continued hardship and the situation you face."

Malone Cooper
3 hours ago

All that 'continued hardship, suffering and division'. If it is that bad
why oh why have 'Palestinians' rejected every offer for their own state
? Rejecting the very first offer, a partition of the land in 1947, is
the sole reason for the plight of 'Palestinians' today. Bad decisions
have bad consequences.

Jorge Ginsberg
7 hours ago

That is the way someone who wants to be politically correct speaks,
nothing more than that.

I remind you that England alone is home to more than 3.5 million Muslims
whom the king does not wish to anger.

Do you really believe that King Charles loves the Palestinians? Don't be
naive .....

H Katz
4 hours ago

the greatest weapon the radical palestinians have and rely on is general
worldwide virulent anti semitism

Dimensional Traveler

Sep 12, 2022, 3:05:20 PM9/12/22
Way outside the remit of these groups, not a historical what-if.

I've done good in this world. Now I'm tired and just want to be a cranky
dirty old man.


Sep 21, 2022, 12:57:45 PM9/21/22
On 09/12/2022 12:05 PM, Dimensional Traveler wrote:
> Way outside the remit of these groups, not a historical what-if.

I had forgotten about that. Hmmm,,,,,

However, not too long ago Louis Epstein asked.
"Are we getting to the tag line"

It is my firm opinion,
1. that when posts scolding posters,
2. that when those demanding rules be enforced,

outnumber topics being discussed,, the end draws near.

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