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Local Cliamte Shifts

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William P. Baird

Oct 20, 2006, 2:26:33 PM10/20/06
The climate sim guys are making good progress with their
sims. However, right now the modelers are having fun
making the mesh finer and finer and trying to see if they
can wrap their heads around the ability to make their
codes do regional weather more accurately. However, it
is quite well known now that cities produce their own
weather. Even without modeling it.

While pondering future car purchases, the hydrogen powered
cars have made me a bit excited for the 2010+ timeframe
(when we go to replace my wife's jeep *schniffles*
is probably next). The thought occured to me when I was
salivating over a H-powered car...what happens when you
suddenly start dumping that much water vapour into the
local air?

I wonder how much the humidity would increase? What would
the effect be on the local weather? Admittedly you would have
to handwave all the cars present that use gasoline would use
hydrogen again. And the rate of use would be important...
even so...made me wonder a bit.

So what's the future of your city? Hot /and/ muggy? Or more

Any thoughts?


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