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Mollie Tibbetts: Everything we know about the case - Murdered by Obama and Democrat party

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But But Sanctuary Cities! Blue Wave! Obama Democrats Murdering Americans!

Nov 20, 2018, 12:44:26 AM11/20/18
BROOKLYN, Iowa -- Officials have ID'd a body that was discovered
in Iowa on Tuesday as missing college student Mollie Tibbetts.
And now a man has been charged in her murder.

Here's everything we know about the case.

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When did Mollie Tibbetts go missing?

Tibbetts was last seen going for a run on the evening of July
18. She was reported missing after she did not show up for work
and loved ones could not locate her on July 19.

Who was Mollie Tibbetts?

Tibbetts was a 20-year-old rising sophomore at the University of
Iowa. She went to elementary school in the Bay Area but spent
most of her adolescence in the small community of Brooklyn, Iowa.

Tibbetts was the middle child of Rob Tibbetts, who lives in
California, and Laura Calderwood, who lives in Brooklyn. Mollie
has an older brother, Jake, and a younger brother, Scott.

Over summer break she was living with her longtime boyfriend,
Dalton Jack, and his brother Blake. She had a job with
Unitypoint Grinnell Regional Medical Center working at a day
camp, KCRG reports.

Home videos released after her disappearance show a young woman
with a playful personality.

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What do we know about the night Mollie Tibbetts went missing?

Both Jack brothers were out of town, so Tibbetts was home alone
with the dogs. According to witness accounts and her Fitbit
data, she went for a run around 7:30 p.m.

Loved ones have said that authorities told them Tibbetts made it
home from her run and was inside on her laptop as late as 10
p.m., though investigators have not officially confirmed this
timeline. Jack said that he opened a SnapChat from his
girlfriend around this time and she appeared to be inside, but
it's unclear when it was sent.

Here's a look at what we know about the night Mollie Tibbetts
disappeared, more than a month before her body was reportedly

Who is a suspect in the Mollie Tibbetts case?

A charge of first-degree murder has been filed against 24-year-
old Cristhian Bahena Rivera. If convicted, the charge carries a
mandatory sentence of life in prison. Investigators say they
used surveillance video in tracking down Rivera. The video
showed Tibbetts jogging in a rural area near her hometown of
Brooklyn, Iowa, as well as Rivera's car. Police had searched the
area but noted her body was found in a field, covered with corn
stalks. They had previously stated that Tibbetts' boyfriend, his
brother and her two brothers were all ruled out as suspects.

What have been the major developments prior to Tuesday?

Authorities have been tight-lipped about the investigation, but
here are some of the major stories that have happened throughout
the case:

July 25: Authorities said Tibbetts' boyfriend is not a suspect
and that they weren't ruling out abduction.

July 28: A search of a pig farm turned up no sign of Tibbetts.
The pig farm is located in Guernsey, about a 15-minute drive
south of Brooklyn.

Aug. 2: Authorities in Missouri announced they had investigated
a possible sighting and that it was not Tibbetts.

Aug. 5: It was announced that the body of a young woman
discovered in Iowa was not Mollie Tibbetts.

Aug. 6: Rob Tibbetts told ABC News he had a theory that someone
who knows her took her.

Where was the body found?

A body which authorities believe to be Tibbetts was found in a
rural part of Poweshiek County, where Brooklyn is located, AP
reports. Local media outlets reported that a medical examiner
arrived at a rural area near Guernsey.

When will we find out more?

Investigators will hold a press conference at 5 p.m. ET | 2 p.m.
PT on Tuesday.

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