Roots of Islam!

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Neil Ozman

Oct 27, 2002, 11:35:46 PM10/27/02
Come on after all the Muslims are children of Ismail the son of Ibrahim, who
was the first born of Ibrahim. Ibrahim's wife wanted a son but his wife was
unable to produce any children dispite praying to God, his kind wife then
allowed him to have sex with his "bonded maid servant"/slave and Ismail was
born. However, his wife then save birth to Isaac who was the true heir of
Ibrahim and Ismail was an outcast.

As some Christians have told me that Ismail being a son of Ibrahim was
blessed and Prophet Muhammad is Ismail's descendant. However, the Jews and
Christians are the descendant's of Isaac. The desendants of Ismail are born
of a linage that is not pure unlike Isaac and any desendants of Ismail will
enslave people as they come from a linage ofa bonded servant. Islam is a
"religion" that enslaves people, there are no freedoms and is in fact
impure. The pure linage is Isaacs.

For Hindus note that the man of God Ibrahim owned slaves and by "good
fortune" one of the slave women was chosen for producing a child, not that
she had much choice. We hear quite a lot of critism about Hinduism but these
people do like to hide facts about their faith.

Also See for some

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