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Origins of Pakistani's and Bangladeshi's

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Neil Ozman

Feb 15, 2002, 5:25:44 PM2/15/02
Pakistani's and Banladeshi's do find themselves at odds with the world,
Islam is not their true faith or culture. Most Pakistani's and Bangladeshi's
are victims of Islamic rape, oppression, forced conversions, etc... They
deny their true origins and they are Hindu, Sikh, Budhist or Jain and their
true country
is India.

It is about time they woke up and looked at their origins and ask why they
support filthy Islamic invaders who raped their great, great, grand mothers
to produce them? How can one be proud to say they are children of Arabs
knowing that their are victims of rape?

These people have denied the truth for so long and rewritten their history
to make themselves different from Hindus,Budhists, Sikhs or Jains. They
shamelessly glorify those Islamic "hero's"/terrorists at the expense of the
truth about their background. These people are brainwashed to think that
they are the pure childern of Arabs. If that is the case why are these
people against an outsider occupying Islamic land? Aren't they hypocrites
who are now occupying the land of another people (Hindu, Sikh, Budhist and

Why do you on the Indian sub-continent continue to live under the thumb of
Islamic oppression and abuse? You are suffering a great deal following a
cult founded by a mad man called Mohammad. Today you are known as a
terrorist people a people associated with Arab nationalism called islam,
have you no pride and shame? Wake up and throw the chains of Islamic
oppression, terrorism, hatered and lies off you. Look in the mirror and vow
that you will not let the rape of your mothers be forgotten. You can change
and join the civilsied world. Islam is not for you it is an alien culture
one full of lies.

Neil Ozman

Feb 15, 2002, 5:26:56 PM2/15/02

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