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We Absolutely Demand Porta Potties And Dumpsters For All Homeless As A Human Right!

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Intelligent Party

Sep 4, 2023, 6:06:42 PM9/4/23
All levels of government are culpable and responsible!

San Diego had free trash pickup for homeowners for many years!

"Homeless People Are Without Toilets and Going in the Streets. We Asked the Mayor
of LA Why"

“We simultaneously have to clean up streets, clean up this crap, and build
housing,” Garcetti said. “And if I had the money to do all three, we wouldn’t be
in this place.”

You mean build housing vs. have dumpsters and porta potties? The mayor has no
point here, but makes it sound like he does!

The homeless have nothing to do all day, maybe they'd throw the trash piles in the
dumpsters themselves if the government provided them!

"Garcetti said he might put money in his upcoming city budget for more toilets for
the homeless, but wouldn't say how much."

and why does this go on for centuries?

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