Time vehicles used as remedies for all possible illnesses

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Jan 2, 2009, 8:39:31 PM1/2/09
We used to think that the path to health, to defeating death, and to
everlasting life, leads through progress in medical sciences. But a
newest research completed according to principles of the most moral
philosophy of the world called totalizm (spelled with "z" not "s" -
see the totaliztic web page named "totalizm.htm"), revealed that
progress in medicine is NOT the only path to health and to defeating
death. There is also even more moral and faster than medical path to
health and to everlasting life. It leads through progress in
technology, or more specifically through building the so-called "time
vehicles" (see the totaliztic web page named "timevehicle.htm"). This
is because "time vehicles" are able to shift people back in time.
Therefore, amongst others, time vehicles are also able to heal
illnesses even more effectively than present drugs do this.
Furthermore, time vehicles allow to defeat death and to live forever.
After all, when for example someone wears wrong clothes in a cold day,
and e.g. catches a cold because of it, then by having a time vehicle
this person can shift his (or her) time back, while in the new elapse
of time can dress properly and avoid catching the cold. In turn
avoiding catching any illness is much more pleasant and beneficial
than healing it. On a similar principle time vehicles can "heal"
practically every illness. After all, every illness has its origins
and reasons. For example, almost every illness of the digestive system
(e.g. diarrhoea or stomach ache) results from eating something
inappropriate - so having a time vehicle we can eliminate it through
shifting us back in time and avoiding eating whatever caused our
illness. In turn e.g. a lung cancer can be caused by breathing dust
from asbestos, thus can be reversed by shifting time back and avoiding
this dust. Practically every illness can be eliminated if we are able
to shift our time back. In a similar manner, when having time
vehicles, we can avoid dying. After all, when the death is
approaching, we can shift our time back to years of our youth, and
begin our life again from the very beginning. To summarise the above,
the construction of time vehicles is going to eliminate illnesses and
death and is to become this "remedy for all possible illnesses" -
about getting access to which the humanity dreams already for
thousands of years.

As the reader can read this from my web pages on the "theory of
everything" called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity (see the totaliztic
web page named "dipolar_gravity.htm") and on the ways the humanity can
accomplish immortality and everlasting lives (see the totaliztic web
page named "immortality.htm"), I am the scientist who (1) discovered
how time works, who (2) indicated the simple visual proof that is
easily verifiable by everyone and that confirms the correctness of my
findings regarding the work of time, who (3) developed principles on
which time can be shifted back, and who (4) invented design of time
vehicles. Judging from my accomplishments to-date, it is sure that I
would also be able to build my time vehicles - if I received the
assistance that I need. (After all, so advanced machines as "time
vehicles" cannot be build under my kitchen table, but require the
access to proper research laboratories and to prototyping facilities -
which access I was deprived so-far.)

Unfortunately, in order to build "time vehicles" people must believe
that such vehicles really can be build. However, presently almost no-
one amongst people believes in this possibility. In turn without
believing in time vehicles, no-one helps me to build them. All this in
spite that the truth is exactly opposite. In reality until today just
by myself I would be able to build time vehicles - as I justify this
comprehensively in item #A1 and #K1 to #K4 of the web page
"immortality.htm" - about ways the humanity already today can
accomplish immortality and everlasting lives. Of course, I would build
time vehicles by now only if I received the required help already in
1985 - means in the year when I discovered how time works, and in
which I realised that the path to shifting time back leads through
building a device called the "Oscillatory Chamber of the third
generation". (The general appearance of such "Oscillatory Chambers" is
shown on videos from addresses http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=svbVqGFnkQQ,
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KrjhRNTbpuE, or
Principles of operation of these "Oscillatory Chambers" are explained
on the web page "oscillatory_chamber.htm". In turn how such
"Oscillatory Chambers" shifts time back - it is explained in item #I1
of the totaliztic web page "evolution.htm" - about evolution.) If
already in 1985 I would be allowed to undertake the construction of
time vehicles, then until today, means after around a quarter of
century, these time vehicles for sure would already work.
Unfortunately, many people really "bend backward" in order to prevent
me from undertaking research and development of these devices. What
even more interesting, these people hold me back in undertaking the
construction of time vehicles in spite that I indicated to everyone an
easily verifiable empirical proof that time is really a software
phenomenon and that in fact time elapses in small jumps - means
exactly in the manner as the work of time is explained by the "theory
of everything" called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity (see the
totaliztic web page named "dipolar_gravity.htm"). This empirical
visual proof for the jumping elapse of software time is described
comprehensively in item #D1 of the totaliztic web page
"immortality.htm" - about ways the humanity already today can
accomplish immortality and everlasting lives, in item #D2 of the web
page "god_proof.htm" - with selection of scientific proofs and
evidence that God really exists, and also at the Google discussion
thread http://groups.google.com/group/sci.physics/browse_thread/thread/545a8b41db16f4a0#
. Unfortunately, as so-far, hardly anyone recognises the existence of
this proof, and recognises the potentials that it opens to the

In such a manner, my productive time on the Earth gradually runs out,
while people slowly loose the chance for accomplishing immorality,
life without end, and the "remedy for all illnesses" that takes the
form of "time vehicles".

The above explanations are adopted from item #G4 of latest update of
the totaliztic web page named "healing.htm", dated on 3 January 2009,
or later. This web page should be available, amongst others, on
following web sites of totalizm: http://members.fortunecity.com/timevehicle/healing.htm
, http://ufonauci.w.interia.pl/healing.htm and http://totalizm.nazwa.pl/healing.htm

It is also worth to notice that practically every web site of totalizm
contains all totaliztic web pages. Therefore independently from the
web page "healing.htm", each address indicated above should also offer
all other totaliztic web pages the names of which are mentioned in the
text. Thus, if someone wishes to view descriptions from any other
totaliztic web page, e.g. from a web page named in text of this post,
or listed in other totaliztic posts, then in the above addresses the
name "healing.htm" is just enough to exchange for a name of the web
page that he or she wishes to view, e.g. for the name of web page
"oscillatory_chamber.htm", "eco_cars.htm", "boiler.htm",
"fe_cell.htm", "free_energy.htm", "telekinetics.htm",
"dipolar_gravity.htm", "nirvana.htm", "totalizm.htm", "god.htm",
"god_proof.htm", "bible.htm", "evolution.htm", etc.

I should mention here, that there are also "blogs of totalizm" which
frequently discuss, amongst others, the subject of "time vehicles",
their design and operation, and their use for the "good of people".
Readers can find these blogs at addresses: http://totalizm.wordpress.com
, http://www.getablog.net/totalizm , http://totalizm.blox.pl/html,
http://totalizm.myblog.net or http://www.newfreehost.com/weblog/?u=god
- for example see over there posts numbered 163E, 161E, 160E, or 159E.

With the totaliztic salute,
Jan Pajak

P.S. The text of the above post is also open for the discussion at
another forum named "nation master", where it is accessible at the
following address:


Jan 2, 2009, 8:45:01 PM1/2/09
> P.S. The text of the above post is also open for the discussion at
> another forum named "nation master", where it is accessible at the
> following address (sorry - here it is): http://www.nationmaster.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=19712&sid=d92caa15d03ac56612a0e807262cc499
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