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Do you know that immortality and life which lasts forever can be accomplished in a moral manner already at our present level of knowledge and technology (JP)

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Nov 28, 2008, 10:04:36 PM11/28/08
The human immortality is a perfect example how immensely erroneous can
be whatever is commonly believed in. After all, a typical opinion
about the humanity overcoming death and living forever is almost
exactly opposite to reality and to truth on this subject. For example,
this typical opinion states that immortality can be accomplished only
through the progress in medical sciences, and that the immortality
itself will already be a source of huge happiness to everyone who is
saved by it from a death. In turn, relying on statements of the Bible
and on the present level of human medicine, it is commonly believed
that the access to immortality is going to be achieved only "at the
very end" - means in a distant future. However, the reality and facts
state something completely different. As this is explained in items
#B2 and #B3 of the totaliztic web page named "immortality.htm", the
only acceptable (because it is moral) path to the human immortality
leads through the development of technology, not medicine, or more
strictly through the construction of so-called "time vehicles".
(Addresses of the web page named "immortality.htm" are provided near
the end of this post.) In turn, item #H3 of that web page
"immortality.htm" reveals, that the immortality obtained by someone
who previously did NOT accomplished the state of so-called "totaliztic
nirvana" is going to turn out to be a hell and a curse - NOT a source
of happiness. (The "totaliztic nirvana" is described on the web page
named "nirvana.htm".) Finally item #K1 of that web page named
"immortality.htm" discloses that our civilisation could have already
now both, "time vehicles" as well as the access to immortality - if
only people in their attitudes to creators of new discoveries and new
inventions are NOT so egoistic, persecuting, cynical, sceptical, and
so deprived the ability of an independent and logical thinking.

I am promoting the above truths about immortality already since 1985 -
means since the first moment when I discovered how time works. Already
then I could initiate the construction of time vehicles - if I only
received then the help of other people that is required. In such a
case, until today - means after around a quarter of century, time
vehicles would already be build and working. After all, even much more
complex programmes, such as "Apollo" or "Manhattan", gave concrete
results already after 8 and 4 years - as I reminded this descriptively
in item #K2 of the totaliztic web page named "immortality.htm". And we
must remember that at the time when these programmes were initiated,
their final goals appeared to be equally distant and equally
impossible for accomplishing as today the construction of time
vehicles seems to be. We also need to remember, that the detailed
knowledge on given subjects in people who implemented these historical
programmes, was at the time of initiating them similar to the level of
my own knowledge about the work of time and the operation of time
vehicles. Unfortunately, in spite that I continually kept explaining
to people the truth about immortality, providing these explanations at
every opportunity and in numerous my publications, somehow my efforts
do NOT seem to change the commonly prevailing (erroneous) views. This
hard "scepticism" prevailing commonly, hit our eyes especially
strongly when I publicly discussed in the Internet the visual proof on
the discrete (jumping) nature of time, which is described in item #D1
of the web page "immortality.htm". (This public discussion of the
proof that time really runs in short jumps - like our present computer
programs, can be viewed in Internet at addresses listed in item #M3
near the end of the web page "immortality.htm", e.g. at the address
or the address
.) Such a stubbornly erroneous "scepticism" of other people about the
immortality, caused that on the meaningful day of 9/11 I decided to
prepare a special web page on this particular subject (i.e. the web
page named "immortality.htm"). When writing this web page I hoped that
if I manage to explain clearly and briefly the matter of immortality
on a dedicated web page, then perhaps it finally gets to the attention
of at least some readers. Let's us hope that just this is going to

The philosophy of totalizm reveals to us, that immortality and
everlasting life can be accomplished through the use of two
drastically different means, namely (1) medical, and (2)
technological. The group of medical ways of accomplishing immortality
is so obvious that it is commonly recognised since a long time. It
boils down to medical methods of infinitive extending of human lives.
In turn the another group of technological manners of accomplishing
immortality was NOT known to people before. To the human awareness it
was introduced only by the philosophy of totalizm (described at the
web page "totalizm.htm"), and also by the "theory of everything"
called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity from which totalizm emerged.
These technological manners of accomplishing immortality boil down to
the use of so-called "time vehicles" for the infinitive extending of
human lives.

The medical method of accomplishing immortality is going to depend on
finding ways in which human body can be made young again, while human
life can be extended infinitively.

Unfortunately, the humanity practically never can compete with God in
creation forms of life which are alternative to these prevailing at
present, and which simultaneously would be compatible with the life
that already does exist. This in turn means, that in order to renew
human body and to extend human life, people must either "copy" or
"rob" the necessary biological resources, e.g. cells or tissues. In
other words, independently from God the humanity will never be able to
create the required biological resources (e.g. living cells or living
tissues) which would be able to renew the human body and
simultaneously which would NOT be rejected by organisms of people, but
which would NOT be copied or robbed from other living creatures. On
the other hand, the fact is certain that every copying and every
robbery, especially the copying or robbery of components of life, is
an extremely immoral activity. It is just because of this fact, that
the humanity invented the so-called "copyrights", intellectual
properties, and a large number of various laws which supposed to
defend people from robberies. Therefore, independently how in the
future people are going to extend their lives with medical methods,
always this extending will remain an activity that is highly immoral.

An immoral character of medical extending of lives will always induce
various doubts and protests in these people who base their actions on
whispers of their own conscience (as this is done by "intuitive
totalizts "). Therefore, the path of people to immortality
accomplished through medical methods will always be full of problems,
immoral decisions, and ethically problematic actions. In turn as such,
it will also be highly expensive, thus accessible only to a few very
rich people. Moral problems which the humanity is going to encounter
on this medical path to immortality, are already signalled both by the
real life, as well as by various films on this subject. Probably the
most clear picture of these problems revealed the science-friction
film of a "thriller" type, entitled "The Island", MVL, 2005, with Ewan
McGregor and Scarlett Johansson in main roles. It shows a colony of
self-aware human clones farmed in a city separated from the rest of
the world, only to provide transplant organs for extending lives of
rich people from which they were cloned. When a time was arriving to
medically kill a given clone in order to harvest its organs, in order
to calm down this clone, as well as other clones, they were told that
it is being send to a distant island which supposedly was a kind of
"heaven on Earth".

The immoral character of medical extending of lives has also various
other drawbacks. For example, it does NOT encourage people to improve
their morality through undertaking efforts to accomplish the
totaliztic nirvana - as it is impossible to experience nirvana while
acting immorally. It also has this attribute, that it is going to be
used mainly by people with immoral inclinations in their characters.
This in turn will lead the humanity directly into claws of so-called
"everlasting hell" described in item #H3 of the web page
"immortality.htm". As such, the medical path of humanity to
immortality is the truly "evil" and instead of bringing good and happy
life, in reality it is going to bring only the indescribable evil and

It was necessary to develop the philosophy of totalizm to realise to
us that there is also much better (moral) way to the human
immortality, than the path that leads through the immoral achievements
of medical sciences. This moral way boils down to a technological
mastery of time, or more strictly through the construction of devices
called "time vehicles". Time vehicles will be able to shift selected
people back in time. Thus when these time vehicles are constructed,
immortality will be accomplished through simple shifting selected
people back in time to years of their youths, on each occasion when
these people accomplish old ages, or when their bodies refuse to
fulfil correctly functions that are imposed onto them. This
technological method of defeating death and accomplishing immortality
is moral in every aspect, is simpler from the medical method, and can
be accomplished already at the present level of technical development
of the humanity.

The technological path to immortality which depends on the use of time
vehicles is also going to create many additional advantages. For
example, it will allow to eliminate all mistakes and imperfections in
our actions. This is because when someone realises that he or she
committed a mistake in own actions, then he or she can shift time
back, while in the next elapse of time already avoid committing the
same mistake.

Time vehicles will also be able to perform the present functions of
most perfect pharmaceuticals and doctors. After all, if for example
someone catches a flu because was dressed wrongly and got cold, then
he or she will be able to shift time back, while in the new elapse of
time get dressed correctly. Or someone catches an STD, or gets
unwanted pregnancy, because had unprotected sex, then he or she can
shift time back and in a new elapse of time protect himself or herself
much better. On the same principle it is going to be possible to
eliminate the majority of other illnesses and consequences of unlucky
accidents which in present times trouble people.

Time vehicles will also enable people to accomplish their life goals
more effectively. After all, when someone for example uses a fruitless
method of action and becomes defeated in something very important,
then he or she will be able to shift time back and repeat the attempt
with a different method. In this way time vehicles will allow to try
until a success (we know that in present times typically we have just
a single go and chance at practically everything). How such a
repetition of attempts works, it is illustrated perfectly in the film
entitled "Groundhog Day" - mentioned in item #H3 of the web page

However, while indicating the fast way of technological access to
immortality, totalizm simultaneously warns us, that behind every form
of immortality various dangers and requirements are going to lurk. For
example, if people are allowed to live infinitively long, then no
matter in what manner this is accomplished, these people still can
fall in claws of so-called "everlasting hell" described in item #H3 of
the web page "immortality.htm". (Actually, the medical path to
immortality for sure will always lead to this "everlasting hell".)
Therefore, in order to make us aware of requirements and problems of
immortality, in the further parts of the web page "immortality.htm",
especially in items #H1 to #H7, most vital such problems which stem
from the infinitively long lives of people are discussed.

The explanations presented above are adopted from several items (i.e.
from #A1, #B1, #B2 and #B3) of the totaliztic web page
"immortality.htm", update on 17 November 2008, or later. The latest
update of this web page should be available from several web sites of
totalizm. Examples of these web sites include
, , or .

It is also worth to know that practically all totaliztic web pages are
available at each address (server) of totalizm. Therefore
independently from the web page "immortality.htm", each address
(server) indicated here should also offer all other web pages of
totalizm - unless some of these web pages were sabotaged, or are so
new that I had no time yet to upload these at a given address
(server). (But in a case when for some reasons a page is unavailable
under a given address, still at this address a MENU should be
available which has links to other addresses (servers) of totalizm, on
which a given web page should already be accessible.) Thus, if someone
wishes to view descriptions from any other totaliztic web page, e.g.
from a web page listed in this post, or listed in other totaliztic
posts, then in the above addresses the name "immortality.htm" is just
enough to exchange for a name of the web page that he or she wishes to
view, e.g. for the name of web page "oscillatory_chamber.htm",
"eco_cars.htm", "boiler.htm", "fe_cell.htm", "free_energy.htm",
"telekinetics.htm", "dipolar_gravity.htm", "nirvana.htm",
"totalizm.htm", "evil.htm", "god.htm", "god_proof.htm", "bible.htm",
"evolution.htm", "wszewilki_jutra_uk.htm", "malbork_uk.htm",
"memorial.htm", "newzealand.htm", "partia_totalizmu_uk.htm",
"fruit.htm", "text_1_5.htm", "explain.htm", "day26.htm",
"ufo_proof.htm", "katrina.htm", etc., etc.

If here the above text is difficult to read, or links from it refuse
to work, then it is worth to know that this post is repeated on
several blogs of totalizm - where it carries the number #161E. These
blogs of totalizm can be accessed through following internet
On these blogs it is also worth to read the previous post number
#160E, which contains a presentation of the visual proof that time
passes in jumps (i.e. that time has a discrete nature). Thus, the
content of the previous post complements the content of this post.

With the totaliztic salute,
Jan Pajak

P.S. Attention these readers who wish to discuss publicly any aspect
of my theories or inventions. Public discussions of almost all topic
that I researched currently, including many of my devices and
inventions, are carried out in the Internet for a long time. Addresses
of subsequent threads in the Google discussion groups, where these
topics are exposed to public comments, are listed in item #M3 of the
totaliztic web page "immortality.htm" - addresses of which are
provided above. Readers who have constructive comments about any
matters relating to my research and inventions, are encouraged to find
addresses of these Google threads from item #M3 of the web page
"immortality.htm", and then voice their constructive opinions at these

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