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Big Bad Bob

Oct 28, 2015, 5:17:51 PM10/28/15
Well, I configured IPv6 on my network quite a while ago, but just
recently ran into some *irritating* problems with certain flavors of
linux, wireless, and so on.

It seems that my wireless router was COMPELLED (anally rentively so) to
advertise ITSELF as an IPv6 router, REGARDLESS of how I set it up.

the problem was that it was COMPELLED to send all IPv6 traffic through
the WAN port, even when I properly configured it with static routes.

Solution: give it TWO IPv6 addresses, and plug the WAN into the ethernet.

Hopefully won't slow down IPv6 on the Gbit LAN. Shouldn't, when its
within the same subnet. but across the internet, if it routes through
there first, who cares, because 10/100 is much faster than my pathetic

[note: he.net and others have free IPv4 to IPv6 tunnels for people who
want to be on IPv6 - just make sure you know that *ALL* IPv6 addresses
are public, so if you use a windows box, caveats galore! remember 'Win
Nuke'? That was from an open UDP port. Windows can't firewall with an
electric firewall finder and an exhaustive tech manual! Sorta like not
finding its own ass with both hands, a map, and an electric ass-finder]

AND... the FAQ re-post


( original post by "Hippykill" <mik...@nospam.digex.net> 27 Feb 1998
23:32:10 GMT )

NOTE: some of the links may no longer function... sorry.

Last updated 3/27/1997, formatting cleaned up 11/02/2001


1) What is this document?
2) Where can I find another copy of it?
3) Who the hell are you and why are you posting this?
4) Isn't there already a FAQ for this group?

1) What is alt.hackers for?
2) What is a hacker?
3) Why can't I post to this group?
4) What is an Obhack, and why do I need one?
5) Where can I get more information on hacking and hackers?
6) But where do I find the k-rad 3l1t3 hacks, d00d?


1) What is this document?

This document answers the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on the
Usenet newsgroup alt.hackers. This is an unofficial FAQ--there is an
official one that is available on the World Wide Web (see below).
This document is not covered by any copyright whatsoever--feel free
to copy it, distribute it freely, change it, or sell it for dollars.

2) Where can I find another copy of it?

Most FAQs are available for anonymous ftp from the archive site


I have made it available at my personal website. Here is a URL that
should get you a copy:


3) Who the hell are you and why are you posting this?

My name is Michael Lea, and I'm posting this because no one else is.
There is an official FAQ that is available on the web and is
supposedly posted every two weeks to the group--however, I haven't
seen it posted in a long time, so I wrote this unofficial FAQ.

4) Isn't there already a FAQ for this group?

Yes. It is available on the Web at the following URL:


There is also an official maintainer of the official FAQ, who mailed
me a slight flame about my posting of my unofficial FAQ, but I lost
his address. I'd like to continue posting this document, because I
never see the official FAQ posted to the group. If anyone has serious
problems with me posting this, mail me at mik...@access.digex.net.


1) What is alt.hackers for?

Alt.hackers is a forum for hackers to discuss (i.e. brag about)
current, past, and future projects. It is also a place to ask for
help in your current projects, _not_ including your homework!
The only limitation to this discussion is that it should relate in
some way to hacking (see next question) and include a
description of a hack you've done (see the discussion of
Obhacks, further down).

2) What is a hacker?

Good question. A hacker is someone who hacks. What is hacking?
Well, there is a definition of hack in the Jargon File/New Hacker's
Dictionary that tries to cover it. The Jargon File is an awesome
resource for anyone interested in computers, so you should go read it.
Here's the URL:


In short, hacking is about using available technology in a creative
way to solve a problem. It can be a stupid problem and an ugly
solution, as long as it is a new and creative solution. Hacking
extends to all forms of technology, not just computers--using the
thighbone of an antelope to bash in the head of another antelope was
an excellent hack. Now that I've given a short definition of what
hacking is, I can try and tell you what isn't a hack. Hacking is not
about breaking things. It isn't about denial of service attacks or
pirated software or deleting or stealing other people's data. If you
are interested in doing any of these things, alt.hackers is going to
bore you. Try the alt.2600.* hierarchy if you're looking for that
sort of conversation. And call yourself a cracker, not a hacker.

3) Why can't I post to this group?

Because we don't want you here <grin>. Actually, alt.hackers is a
moderated group, so you'll have to figure out how to get around the
moderator to post here. No, I'm not the moderator and you're not
going to find out who is. It is a trivial hack to post here, so you're
going to look really stupid if you mail me or anyone else on the group
asking how to do it. Figure it out for yourself! One caveat:
Please don't post a million test messages to the group. Use
alt.dev.null for testing purposes. It is set up just like
alt.hackers, and you won't look stupid if you post a million test
messages there. If you can post to alt.dev.null but can't post to
alt.hackers, tell your newsadmin that alt.dev.null is set up wrong on
your machines. Thanks to Andrew Gierth <and...@erlenstar.demon.co.uk>
for the current status of alt.dev.null!

4) What is an Obhack, and why do I need one?

Obhack is short for Obligatory Hack. Every post in alt.hackers is
required to include some sort of discussion of hacking, so most
people put an Obhack on the end of their message to meet this
requirement. If you don't include a hack with your message, you are
going to look really stupid and you're going to get a lot of email
telling you that you need to have one. Do you really want all the
other hackers who read the group to think that you are too stupid
to come up with a hack? BTW, posting to the group is not considered
to be a hack. You will be flamed if you try to use that as your

5) Where can I get more information on hacking and hackers?

As noted above, the Jargon File/New Hacker's Dictionary is an
excellent source. For information on the Internet, check out the
RFC's. These are the documents that describe every protocol and
most of the services available on the Internet. David Cary
<ca...@agora.rdrop.com> was nice enough to mail me some URLs that
point to sources of the RFCs:

[begin quote from David Cary]

Index to RFCs

Some more RFCs

You can ftp to:

or you could get it off the web at:

"gives access to all published RFC's."

[end quote]

And Daniel Brown <d...@eskimo.com> was nice enough to mail me
this info:

[begin quote from Daniel Brown]

Check out the hacking-related documentation on Eric Raymond's FAQ
collection (http://www.ccil.org/~esr/faqs/index.html).
"How To Become A Hacker" and "A Brief History of Hackerdom" are
articles which you should take a look at.

[end quote]

6) But where do I find the k-rad 3l1t3 hacks, d00d?

A lot of people have mailed me looking for information on breaking
into computers and other security issues. Remember, if you break
something on purpose, you're not a hacker.
If you are looking for information on "the computer underground" and
aren't really interested in intelligent conversation, alt.2600.* is
for you. If you really are interested in computer security issues
and think that you are smart enough to understand these issues, you
should check out:

Also, check out the Jargon File:
and look up the entries for "hacker" and "cracker" and then look at
the sections on "Helping Hacker Culture Grow" and "Crackers, Phreaks,
and Lamers".
(thanks to Phil Edwards <pedw...@cs.wright.edu> for help with this
*mik...@access.digex.net* "imperious, angry, furious, extreme in
all things, with a disturbance in the moral imagination unlike any
the world has ever known-there you have me in a nutshell: and one
more thing, kill me or take me as I am, because I will not
change." - de Sade
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