Re: "Trump says those who made 'false statements' about Kavanaugh 'should be held liable'"

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Big Bad Bob

Oct 9, 2018, 8:50:48 PM10/9/18
On 10/09/18 09:40, wrote:
> On Tuesday, October 9, 2018 at 9:05:22 AM UTC-7, David Hartung wrote:
>> [...]
>> Hours after his Supreme Court pick was sworn in Saturday, President
>> Donald Trump said on Fox News that those who made up "false" stories
>> about Brett Kavanaugh should be penalized.
> Which false accusations are those

We'll start with "Ballsey Ford's" BULLSHIT story.

> What was said about him that was provably false?

How about EVERYTHING "Ballsey Ford" claimed about ASSOCIATE JUSTICE
Kavinaugh? [yeah I'm rubbing that in. want more salt for your wounds?]

There were several dozen testimonies in favor of Kavanaugh and his good
character, refuting her BULLSHIT. Then there was the summer calendar
indicating what he did during the alleged time of the alleged "attempted
rape" event, and ZERO corroborating evidence of ANY of "Ballsey Ford's"
BULLSHIT claims. The 'proof of falsehood' is in the overwhelming
testimony that contradicts her BULLSHIT. Any reasonable jury or
appellate judge would conclude this.

"Ballsey Ford" should be sued for libel/slander out of existence, to the
point where (nearly) every penny she earns is garnished to pay the fines
and restitution [make sure she gets a job, but take most of it away - if
you take it ALL away, she'd just go on welfare like every OTHER deadbeat
in society]. And while we're at it, Anita Hill, too.

Fortunately Kavinaugh, like Clarence Thomas, has a lifetime appointment.

With all of the TROLLS in this newsgroup here's a question: how many of
them are SOCK PUPPETS? I should write a program to read all of the
newsgroup headers to see how much commonality is there, comparing poster
name to IP address, see how many share an IP.

(I doubt they have the brains or hax0rz skills to use different IP
addresses, unless they're all Tor exit points)

/me considers posting a link for the lib-tards to look at, one that
invokes a script that posts your REAL IP ADDRESS back to me... heh

Some time ago Rush talked about having proof that this kind of crap was
being caused by a handful of people, whom he even "doxxed" on the web site. They were pretending to be a BIG CROWD when
it was really only a bunch of SOCK PUPPETS, using BOTS and other lame
tactics that any script kiddie could figure out without instructions.

Yeah, this is as old as USENET, sock puppets and trolling. *yawn*

cross-post to alt.hacker. I like to hang out in there most of the time.
It's a white-hat newsgroup, with occasional participation from a few
regulars. Mostly me these days. And occasional trolls.

(aka 'Bombastic Bob' in case you wondered)

'Feeling with my fingers, and thinking with my brain' - me

'your story is so touching, but it sounds just like a lie'
"Straighten up and fly right"

Big Bad Bob

Oct 10, 2018, 1:41:24 AM10/10/18
oops, accidentally cross-posted here by accident. meant to do
alt-hacker [no s]

stupid "helpful" UI probably auto-completed it

OBHack - haven't done one in a while, so I'll do one now:

soldered wires to arduino-compatible male connector from old radio shack
'multi-voltage' wall-wart as arduino/compatible power supply.

I measured the output I wanted - in this case 9V out - and set the
switch appropriately (in this case the 7.5V spot - go fig), ensured the
correct polarity, then filed down and shaved 'heavily tinned' connecting
wires from the plug into the double-female pins on the power supply's
output cable, so that the +/- wires plug into the holes tightly [but not
too tight], then tape it all up, voila!

The RS transformer came with a bunch of different sized plugs. I
happened to be using one of the ones with the same connector, but
opposite polarity, with an old set of PC speakers that didn't have a
power supply. So the 2nd one became a spare 'Arduino' power supply.

[in my case the analog wall wart doesn't generate ground loop problems
in situations where that might matter, as a switching power supply might]

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