solar 'telescope' hack

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Big Bad Bob

Jun 5, 2012, 7:08:07 PM6/5/12
wanted to see venus transit, tried 'pinhole' methods, holding up
magnifiying glass and loupe lenses, various combinations, no go.

Couldn't see sun well enough through 2 pairs of sunglasses (twisted 90
degrees so minimal light passes through, polarized lenses) so I tried
looking through binoculars - and it worked acceptably when I looked
through ONE side of the binoculars and put the 2 sunglass lenses (90
degrees apart) on the "business" end of the binoculars. I could see
what I though should be venus' shadow, a small black circle near the
"top" of the sun. No sunspots, though.

"live" SOHO shot here, but still hasn't updated as of this posting...

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