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Globe Philippines

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Jun 26, 2023, 9:42:26 PM6/26/23
Before you buy a globe portable
wifi router know this:

Does not allow p2p downloads.throttled impossibly slow
Blocks programs with it's firewall it does not like you
using. So you're paying for a net connection that is only half
a net connection. Not worth it.

I guess this is why the thieves running globe try to
make you sign a contract so they can DOS your connection and
youo still have to pay. I figure so far Globe has stolen about
3000 pesos from me from erased loads, etc.
Not to mention is frequent outages.

Globe is also known for hacking users connections, a frequent
occurrence from the lamster admins running globe.

Do yourself a favor find another provider than Globe. Duterte
had so many complaints about Globe he threatened to shut it
down. But like most of his BS threats he never followed thru.
Check out Globe ratings on Abysmal

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