wolverine sighting on the west end

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Dean Prescott

Dec 6, 2001, 2:18:15 PM12/6/01
Yup, a wolverine was sighted crossing M-64 1 mile south of Silver City
in Ontonagon county. Not a yellow & blue one, a black & gold furry critter.
I talked to the gal myself. Nope, not a Fisher, Martin, Cub bear, mink
racoon, badger or even a wayward deer hunter. A wolverine. She
described it as the size of a _big_ cub bear, with a white chest patch,
gold/brown rump & a big bushy tail. She saw it on the 21st on Nov at
about 3:00pm on a sunny day.

I should expect, if the DNR will not acknowlege that Cougars are running
loose ;) (despite _many_ reports) they'll not even give a disbelieving sniff
this news. I also understand, the fact that Wolverines were _ever_ in
Michigan is
in dispute.

Anyone else had a sighting in Michigan?

Dean Prescott

John Ramsay

Dec 7, 2001, 11:11:04 AM12/7/01
No sightings in Michigan but this is the 2nd year the south side of Lake
Erie has had a cougar sighting in the Fort Erie-Port Colborne area.

Ted Starbuck

Dec 7, 2001, 5:48:30 PM12/7/01
In addition to all the 'eyewitness' sightings of cougars in Michigan over the
years there is now scientific evidence that they still roam parts of the state


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