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Font management issues

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Alisdair Hungerford-Morgan

Nov 3, 2013, 8:18:37 PM11/3/13
Hi all, hope you can help with this one...

I need to create a company-wide master font set but I need to impose new default settings to enable lining settings for numerals to over-ride the existing default settings.

The font family is Apex New - the default numeral settings have prominent ascenders and descenders, but the company preference is for tabular or proportional lining, which would create numerals with the same character height.

The Apex New family we have installed is Open Type, but it is being used mainly by Windows users, and unfortunately, we are not in a Windows Office 2010 environment (we use Office 2007).

Those lucky few of us who use InDesign CC are not experiencing these issues, obviously.

My question is this - it should be possible to create a new default set for all cuts in the Apex New family using a font management programme, and this would then be installed company-wide; however, which font management programme would be best suited for this purpose?

Any and all help would be very much appreciated.
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