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Oct 31, 2006, 5:01:59 PM10/31/06
I'm looking for cheap composite art software that can be freely copied
among relatives. My late dad's parents died in the 1920s before my dad was
five. We roughly know my dad resembled his dad and his oldest brother
resembled their mom. I have pasted some photos and posterised them using
Microsoft phot editor and made them more "edge" to look like line drawings,
and they are a reasonable first draft. There is a twice-removed niece who is
supposed to look much like my granma. My dad's mom's nephew is still alive
and has some recollection of what they looked like. Also, we have a verbal
description from my granpa's 1912 (Balkan War) draft records. I was thinking
if there is something that can add and subtract features, for example, start
with photos of my dad's siblings, average them, subtract an average of photos
of cousins on their mom's side to get a likeness of my granpa, then do the
other (subtract cousings on their dad's side) to get my granma. I had heard
that once babies were shown an average of pretty faces and prefered the
average to any one specific face. See, I have a regular photo of my mom's
parents and I want a matching one of my dad's parents.

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