Re: Former Trump official Michael Caputo blasts FBI's Mar-a-Lago raid: 'Full-blown constitutional crisis'

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If Nancy Pelosi dies tomorrow...

Aug 10, 2022, 1:05:02 AM8/10/22
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> The outlaw FBI is out of control and should be disbanded. All former FBI agents should be blacklisted from law enforcement.

Caputo compared the FBI to the Soviet-era KGB in Russia

Former Trump official Michael Caputo slammed the Biden
administration following the FBI's Monday raid on former
President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago home in Palm Beach, Florida.

In an exclusive statement to Fox News Digital, Caputo compared
the FBI to the Soviet-era KGB in Russia, declared the nation was
in a "full-blown constitutional crisis," and predicted the raid
would lead to President Biden facing an indictment following a
loss in the 2024 presidential election.

"America is in a full-blown constitutional crisis. The American
people have endured a slow, creeping attack on our nation. I had
a front row seat in the Russia hoax, and I've watched it get
steadily and methodically worse ever since," Caputo said.

"With this militant raid on President Trump's home, we have
become Russia. The FBI is the KGB. I should know. I've seen them
both in action and I see no difference at all," he said.

"With all the disagreements over presidential documents across
almost ever single presidency in history, there was never a
military-style raid on a former president's home. Today Joe
Biden just guaranteed he will be indicted in 2025. And his son.
And his brother," he added.

Caputo was referencing allegations of corruption against a
number of Biden family members, including his son Hunter Biden,
and brother James Biden, who have been accused of using the
Biden family name to peddle influence for international business

Caputo served as Assistant Secretary of Health and Human
Services for Public Affairs under Trump in 2020 and 2021.


Aug 10, 2022, 9:33:43 AM8/10/22
It is a Coup D`etat and this is how they are attempting to passify the
opposition to the Marxist Democrat Coup D`etat, they use the time tested
and reliable Marxist harassment of the opposition and a PROPAGANDA SHOW

We've seen other Marxist/Communist PROPAGANDA SHOW TRIALS by Communists
and Marxist/Maoists that gain control of the internal process of a
nation. It really just shows that once you put Democrats, Marxists and
Communists into power, you can't ever vote them out of power.

Democrats and Marxists and Communists will now keep going with their
*SLOW MOTION* Coup D`etat that I told you about when "Obama won" the
2012 election, it was also a sign the Coup D`etat was under way, I even
pointed it out back then.

Obama on an open mic telling Medvedev to tell Putin he can be more
flexible after the election.

-That's Karma-

*The first rule of SURVIVAL CLUB* is we talk about it, we hate
censorship. Never trust what Democrats or Marxists tell you. Make them
prove it with actual verifiable facts and science. And if you didn't
find the duplicitous lies in what the Marxist-Democrats told you then
you didn't dig deep enough. The *Gruber* *Doctrine* is the
Marxist-Democrat plan that says it's "to the Democrats advantage to have
a lack of transparency and then lie about everything".

*The next rule of SURVIVAL CLUB* is
127 - *The main point of the 2nd amendment is that* "the security of a
free state" relies on the militia and the militia relies on the RIGHT of
the people to keep and bear arms. And that right is secured by "shall
NOT be infringed".
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