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Aug 13, 2022, 8:27:28 PM8/13/22
On 13 Aug 2022, Just Wondering <> posted some

> On 8/13/2022 12:15 PM, wrote:
>> On Saturday, August 13, 2022 at 11:52:13 AM UTC-4, Tucker Vladyson
>> wrote:
>>> On Saturday, August 13, 2022 at 6:31:32 AM UTC-5,
>>> wrote:
>>>> Both Trump's supporters and detractors are making assumptions about
>>>> what is or is not in the documents seized in the FBI raid on
>>>> Mar-A-Lago. (Yes, it was a raid). We all have our suspicions but
>>>> none of us really know and won't know until the DOJ shows its cards
>>>> or folds its hand. What seens certain is that one side or the other
>>>> is going to end up with egg on their faces when the truth comes
>>>> out.
>>>> My reasons for doubting that there is anything terribly
>>>> incriminating in those files is that Trump is not stupid. What
>>>> reason would he have to harbor top secret files that could
>>>> jeopardize national security? The DOJ has been leaking hints about
>>>> what they were looking for to the WaPo and other friendly MSM
>>>> outlets. One is that Trump was holding documents related to our
>>>> nuclear arsenal. Just why would Trump do that. One suggestion is he
>>>> took the nuclear launch codes with him. What good would that do.
>>>> Those codes change frequently. Even if they weren't, what value
>>>> would they be to our enemies? Would the Russians use them to order
>>>> an attack on themselves? It makes no sense.
>>>> We've seen this movie before. Rumors are reported of Trump
>>>> malfeasance. The MSM wets themselves in anticipation. The story
>>>> turns out to be a dud or a hoax. Lather, rinse, repeat.
>>> Sure, read em and weep
>>> ents-from-fbi-search-of-trumps-mar-a-lago-home
>> Very vague descriptions of what was seized. Nothing that proves a
>> crime was committed. I suspect the items specified in that warrant
>> were not the items they really wanted. They were hoping by gathering
>> all these boxes of documents they would come across something that
>> would incriminate Trump for January 6. They have been trying to pin
>> that on Trump for a year and a half and so far have come up empty, so
>> that keep fishing. Trump is their white whale and they are obsessed
>> with bagging him.
> There's considerable talk that the FBI raid is going to backfire
> big time on anti-Trumpers in the 2022 and 2024 elections.

A lot of folks on both sides think it was needlessly over the top.
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