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Re: Trump FBI raid: Tim Scott says search 'raises serious concerns' about alleged bias

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If Nancy Pelosi dies tomorrow...

Aug 9, 2022, 11:15:02 PM8/9/22
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> The outlaw FBI is out of control and should be disbanded. All former FBI agents should be blacklisted from law enforcement.

Sen. Tim Scott Tuesday told Fox News Digital that the FBI's
Monday raid on former President Trump's Florida home reinforces
concerns he has about the agency becoming too political.

The FBI raid is "shocking, stunning unprecedented without any
question. It raises serious concerns from my perspective," Scott

"Just last week in the Judiciary Committee there was a hearing
over the FBI becoming too political," Scott added. "Our country
needs a simple, clear message from the FBI: We have no interest
in politics whatsoever. And it seems like we're getting the
exact opposite message."

The comments from Scott, R-S.C., come on the same day he is
releasing his new book, titled, "America, a Redemption Story:
Choosing Hope, Creating Unity." Scott said the book "reinforces
the importance of one united America," no matter race or party.

In response to a question about whether he thinks the FBI
investigation could be onto something, and the possibility Trump
did break laws, Scott said the facts are currently unclear.

"I think anyone who suggests that they have any clue what's
actually happening is heading in the wrong direction," he said.
"What we know is this is an unprecedented move against a former

Trump announced on Monday that his palatial Florida residence
had been raided. Sources told Fox News Digital the search was in
connection with materials that Trump took with him from his time
as president. Sources also said the National Archives and
Records Administration referred the case to the Justice
Department, which recovered around 15 boxes of classified
materials from the home.

A source familiar with the issue told Fox News that the raid
occurred early Monday morning. The source said agents brought a
"safe cracker" and cracked a "relatively new" safe in Mar-a-
Lago. The source told Fox News there was "nothing in it."

Many other Republicans expressed outrage about the raid on
Trump's home. Some Trump supporters also gathered outside his
home Monday night to protest.

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