Re: Judge Who Authorized Trump Raid Defended Epstein Women, Donated to Obama, Jeb Bush

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Aug 11, 2022, 2:10:02 AM8/11/22
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> Bad move FBI. Really bad move.

The federal judge who authorized the raid on former President
Trump’s home at Mar-a-Lago has a shady past that invites the
question of whether he used the FBI to attack a political enemy.

Magistrate Judge Bruce Reinhart represented former employees of
deceased sex-trafficker Jeffrey Epstein. More suspiciously,
Reinhart donated to the presidential campaign of Barack Hussein
Obama, and to Trump’s GOP rivals during the 2016 GOP primary

The timing of the sensational raid suggests federal law
enforcement has become a secret police force of the Democratic
Party, which might use the raid and an ensuing bogus criminal
prosecution — along with the bogus January 6 “insurrection”
committee — to stop Trump from running for president in 2024.

Switched Sides

“Reinhart was elevated to magistrate judge in March 2018 after
10 years in private practice. That November, the Miami Herald
reported that he had represented several of Epstein’s employees
— including, by Reinhart’s own admission to the outlet,
Epstein’s pilots; his scheduler, Sarah Kellen; and Nadia
Marcinkova, who Epstein once reportedly described as his
‘Yugoslavian sex slave,’” the New York Post reported.

The Herald explained it this way:

On Oct 23, 2007, as federal prosecutors in South Florida were in
the midst of tense negotiations to finalize a plea deal with
accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, a senior prosecutor in
their office was quietly laying out plans to leave the U.S.
attorney’s office after 11 years. On that date, as emails were
flying between Epstein’s lawyers and federal prosecutors, Bruce
E. Reinhart, now a federal magistrate, opened a limited
liability company in Florida that established what would become
his new criminal defense practice.

Reinhart quit his job with the South Florida U.S. Attorney’s
Office on New Year’s Day in 2008, then began defending Kellen
and Marcinkova the next day. The pair received immunity in the
deal with federal prosecutors that permitted Epstein to plead
guilty to state but not federal charges.

Continued the Herald in another story:

In 2011, Reinhart was named in the Crime Victims’ Rights Act
lawsuit, which accused him of violating Justice Department
policies by switching sides, implying that he leveraged inside
information about Epstein’s investigation to curry favor with
Epstein. Reinhart, in a sworn declaration attached to the CVRA
case, denied the allegation, saying he did not participate in
Epstein’s criminal case and “never learned any confidential, non-
public information about the Epstein matter.’’

Obama Donor

But going over to the dark side to represent Epstein’s torpedoes
isn’t the only problem with Reinhart. As The National Pulse
reported, his political donations need scrutiny:

Reinhart donated twice to Obama’s campaign in 2008 totaling
$2,000. Reinhart, who was appointed U.S. magistrate in March
2018, also donated to the campaign of Trump rival Jeb Bush in

Celebrity law professor Jonathan Turley observed that the FBI
raided Trump’s home to find presidential documents supposedly
taken in contravention of federal law, noting that former
Clinton torpedo Sandy Berger pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor for
the same thing.

Yet whether the FBI found anything is unclear. Although
officials from the National Archives found 15 boxes of files
there in February, “Trump’s reported behavior is well short of
Berger’s.” When agents broke into Trump’s safe, it was empty:

The question is, what documents were found and was there prior
knowledge that they were illegally withheld? Archives officials
searched Mar-a-Lago in February and recovered 15 boxes of
material; it is unclear whether they identified and notified
Trump of other missing documents believed to remain on his

Even then, the law requires prosecutors to show intent to steal
documents. If federal prosecutors can’t file a criminal case
against Trump, Turley continued, the obvious question will be
why they resorted to such a dramatic raid.

“The Biden administration has engaged repeatedly in heavy-handed
FBI raids without any clear necessity, including searches or
arrests targeting Rudy Giuliani, Roger Stone, Peter Navarro and
other Trump associates; each played out on television, despite
the obvious alternatives of voluntary surrenders,” he wrote:

It remains unclear whether some of these raids even uncovered
criminal evidence or will result in criminal charges.

There is a documented history of bias against Trump by top FBI
officials, including prior falsification or misrepresentations
used to facilitate the Russia conspiracy investigation. Thus,
Attorney General Merrick Garland surely knew this raid would
rekindle suspicions that this could be another example of what
fired FBI official Peter Strzok once called an “insurance
policy” against Trump becoming president in 2016 — only this
time in 2024. For that reason, the Justice Department has an
added burden to show this raid was a step toward actual criminal
prosecution and not just a political indemnification.

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