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Greg Bolsinga

Nov 4, 1991, 5:16:27 PM11/4/91
There's a great comic that I'd also call gothic. Read _Sandman_. It's really
quite good.

I agree about the early Sisters. I don't have any bootlegs, but the early
12" singles are quite incredible.

I don't think Lou Reed is in _The Hunger_, but I may be wrong.



S A G Granville

Nov 6, 1991, 9:49:35 AM11/6/91
In article <> (Greg Bolsinga) writes:
>There's a great comic that I'd also call gothic. Read _Sandman_. It's really
>quite good.

I am not actually a "goth" but have had a good deal of experience with the
concept (I shared a room with one a school for a year) so I have some
knowledge of the genre.

I have to disagree that _Sandman_ is a gothic comic. O.k. so The Sandman
does have a gothic incarnation at the present time (along with his Sister
Death) but that is only because he identifies with that image as suitable
to his task in the 20th century.

Sorry to disagree but I am a Sandman junkie and don't view it as a Gothic
comic merely as a comic whose central character has taken on a Gothic
aspect for his present work

Ciao ------ ChoppeR91

Tino Dai

Nov 6, 1991, 12:21:48 PM11/6/91
You seem to have some sort of disagreement on what is gothic muusic. What
defines gothic from techo from hardcore from industrial? And what are some
groups which are gothic.

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