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Sep 4, 1994, 11:49:42 PM9/4/94

I have recently received in my mailbox a correction to my list. The error
was mine and I encourage other corrections. We must have an accurate list!
I post the letter with permission as I feel it may be of interest to this

begin quote:


Editor's note: The following is NOT a flame. It is an earnest attempt to make
the "My god, there's an axe in my head!" list as accurate as possible, for
posterity's sake.

The latin version of this most notable quote (which is, incidentally, now on
MY answering machine), is not quite accurate in the current edition of the
list. May I suggest the following modifications:

Deus meus! Securis in capite meo est!

The original translation (aside from declension problems) would have been
re-translated inton something like "My God! The axe is there in my social

Some Classical axe trivia: The axe was almost never used by the Romans in
warfare; it was viewed as a weapon of the northern barbarians. It was, however,
used for executions, and therefore also was a symbol of governmental authority.
Therefore, if your average Roman citizen were to discover the presence of an
axe amonst his or her coiffure, he or she could make the educated guess that
it was placed there by
a) a barbarian
b) an executioner
c) a magistrate, or, in the Republican Era, the consul.

I hope this bit of knowledge enriches all our lives. Feel free to post some or
all of it wherever you feel necessary.

-- Eques Rufus, Early Medieval History scholar, BA (MA in progress)
-- aka Rob

/> Robert C. Eickwort
/ < Eques Rufus, The Red Knight
\ <

"When you're right, you're a star; when you're half right, you're a gas giant."
-- Spider Robinson

end quote.


\|/ Imagine this living carcass, screaming. \|/
-- * -- screaming endlessly into the anechoic void... -- * --
/|\ /|\


Sep 5, 1994, 4:03:45 PM9/5/94

: -- Eques Rufus, Early Medieval History scholar, BA (MA in progress)
: -- aka Rob
: --

Fuck fuck fuck fuck. I've just been rejected from an MPhil
program in Medieval Studies. (I was also accepted to one, but the
immigration officials here are making me leave so I can't do it.)
HELP ME!!!! What schools in the US/Canada are good for Medieval
studies? I am jealous of you. You have a life. Help!!


(frustrated Early Medieval Art History Scholar)

"Behind every silver lining, there is a dark cloud...."


Sep 5, 1994, 10:59:26 PM9/5/94
Heh, i knew that HAD to be you Robbie, my love, in the first few lines...
forever your burble-head, whether i have thortune to date Jamie or not,


Sep 5, 1994, 11:01:59 PM9/5/94
to (Rosenberg) writes:

>studies? I am jealous of you. You have a life. Help!!

Hey Rob, hear that? you have a life, now stop your whining my transplanted
heh, just HAD to comment on that comment...

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