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I got drunk last night [fluff]

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Mar 7, 1999, 3:00:00 AM3/7/99
I did! amazing I have been drinking a lot lately when I come home from work,
but its just wine and I don't get loaded. Last night was Kamikaze shot whoa
puppy why didn't I just get someone to fuck me up the ass?
I came home ripped off my clothing wrenched the boi out of his computer chair
and commenced vigorous fucking. I stood up afterwwards and shrieked ack! I
don't know wht I think perhaps I have gotten myself a nice bladder infection
but I fell over almost immediately, took myself to the bathroom owwwwing at the
top of my lungs (thank god none of his roomates were here) and tried to pee
quite unsuccessfully as I vomited into a trashcan.
I am feeling a bit better today, still crampy, trying to rehydrate etc etc.
But I peeked into the bathroom quite early this morning and found the trashcan
still by the toilet and thought 'oh god I have to clean that up don't I?'

sticking to wine from here on out
and getting back on the pill
*I stayed at home on the fourth of july, and I pulled the shades down so I
couldn't see the sky, I decided to have a bed in, but I forgot to invite
--Galaxie 500--

Marcus Pan

Mar 8, 1999, 3:00:00 AM3/8/99
LeKatzen wrote:
(a lot)

Normally I'm all for being open with the group and all...

But goddamn this was a LOT more than I ever wanted to know.

Poor trash can. Was the vomit black? I hear it's goth...or at least
someone mentioned that in another thread somewhere.

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