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Nov 5, 1998, 3:00:00 AM11/5/98
CyberSleaze for Tuesday the 3rd of November, 1998
edited by: Jill "The Diva" Stempel
DAVIS seems to have recovered from her disastrous marriage to "you don't mind
if I have an affair with your personal assistant, do you??" director RENNY
HARLIN and has found love again. And her friends even say that the Hollywood
starlet is preparing to take the plunge and marry for the fourth time. Davis
was broken hearted when she discovered that Harlin had fathered a secret love
child with her personal assistant TIFFANY BROWNE, but now Miss Geena has
recovered from her ex-husband's down and dirty betrayal and has reportedly
fallen for hunky fitness trainer KEITH CUBBA. The pair have been dating for
eight months and are said to be considering a trip to the altar. 38-year-old
Keith has been telling everyone who will listen that the pair are a couple
(which kinda makes me suspicious of him, actually). He says, "We are definitely
a couple. Everyone in Hollywood knows we're sweethearts." They might be
sweethearts, but if I were Geena I would think twice about making it legal with
fitness boy. With three failed marriages behind her, Davis should definitely
pause before rushing down the aisle yet again.

to ruin my day, British trip-hop pioneers MASSIVE ATTACK have reportedly split
up - just days after winning a prestigious music award. The band's MEZZANINE
album just won Best Album at last weeks' Q magazine awards, but despite the
accolades the trio of MUSHROOM, 3-D and DADDY G have decided to go their
separate ways. The contentious trio had been sending signals that a split might
be imminent after refusing to talk to the press unless they did so separately
and openly bitching about each other in the interviews they DID grant. For a
typical sample of the sniping check out the band's recent bitchfest on Each seperate band member not only snipes about the other
band members, but they also have lenty of unpleasant things to say about their
former collaborator TRICKY and the band's record label VIRGIN. Nothing like
biting the hand that feeds you!!

Meanwhile, the band members seem to be positively giddy about their newfound
solo status. 3-D says, "It's a relief to be honest. We are three people who
have very different ideas. We have to give each other more room and respect." A
source close to the group adds, "The band have been moving in different
directions musically. Mushroom is into Hip Hop, 3-D is into punk and Daddy G is
a reggae fan. There have been lots of arguments." Of course, I would say that
the band member's diversity in musical taste was probably the factor that made
Mezzanine such a fresh sounding album with a variety of influences clearly
present in the mix, but don't listen to me. Apparently the split is not
actually too acrimonious (from what I hear things were about to get acrimonious
if they had to stay together!!). The same source close to the band says, "The
split has been friendly. They are still good mates but need time apart." So my
prediction is that we can look for solo projects from each of the guys, which
won't be as good or sell as well as any of the Massive stuff, and then they
will realize that they actually have something special together instead of
being annoyed with each other and they will regroup for a big "reunion" album
and tour which will sell even more than Mezzanine. If it weren't so predictable
it would be sad. I am beginning to be very annoyed with the music industry.

•WHILE WE ARE ON THE TOPIC: I was highly amused to read MASSIVE ATTACK's rather
harsh words for TRICKY since I had actually had the good fortune to meet Tricky
about a week earlier at a party hosted by producer and artist HOWIE BENO. Beno,
who has produced work by MINISTRY, THE RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS, and more recently
SISTER SOLEIL and KILGORE, just moved here from Chicago to set up his own NYC
recording studio. And what better way to announce your arrival in our fair city
than to throw a rocking shindig in your swanky new pad and get a hundred or so
of your nearest and dearest music industry friends drunk. Judging by his
hospitality and the rumors I hear about the fact he is already breaking hearts
all over town, I would say that he will fit right in. We love sluts who throw
good parties. So anyway, while I was at the party slurping on a few free drinks
I spotted TRICKY in the corner being mobbed by well-wishers and idolizers, so I
decided to get in line and finally get some answers to all of the various
Tricky rumors I have heard over the years.

Now, the word on the street is that Tricky is a notorious stoner who can be a
pretty tough customer when he is feeling particularly paranoid. The most
outrageous story involving said paranoia, of course, is the one revoloving
around him punching out a journalist from the NME backstage at a music festival
in England this past summer because he was not happy about something the guy
had written about his latest album (reminds me of that chick who was sending me
death threats because I didn't like the BACKSTREET BOYS!!). I remembered
writing something extremely sarcastic (surprise!!) about that particular
incident in Sleaze and I was hoping that I was not about to suffer the same
fate as the NME guy. But, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Tricky is
actually a very sweet guy who was totally good natured about giving me HIS side
of the story regarding that particular incident. He says that the journo's
fight was actually with his cousin who was hanging out backstage with Tricky at
the time. Apparently his cousin and the journalist traded insults and blows
WERE eventually exchanged, but Tricky himself was only very peripherally
involved. He didn't go out of his way to apologize, but he DID make it clear
that he (and his cousin) certainly did not set out to hurt the guy because of
anything he wrote. In fact, he clearly said that everyone was entitled to their
own opinion and he would not beat someone up for writing a bad review. Whew.
Score one for free speech without threat of violence!!

I also asked Tricky about his (former) buddies in Massive Attack and while he
had kind words for them personally, he had some harsh words for their latest
album. He said, "I don't think it is their best work. You can tell that their
record label was eager to bring in some big name producers to make the sound
more commercial. The sound on MEZZANINE is not the sound that I associate with
Massive Attack. I mean, what is all that guitar shit doing on there??" Hmmm...
I kind of LIKE the guitar shit. But, both Tricky and I agree that Massive
Attack's NO PROTECTION album with MAD PROFESSOR was probably their BEST work. I
listen to that album so much it begins to border on the ridiculous.

Another interesting scoop I got from Tricky was on the topic of his
collaboration with dusky diva GRACE JONES on some songs for his DURBAN POISON
label. I remember reporting a couple of years a go that the two were in the
studio together, so I asked him what ever happened to the product of those
sessions. He seemed rather miffed with MISS JONES, since he spent close to
$400,000 on recording costs and is now unable to release any of the four
completed songs. He says, "I have already spent too much of my own money on her
and now she wants a whole lot more before I can release any of the songs!! I am
not CHRIS BLACKWELL (former ISLANDS RECORDS mogul), ya know." He also hinted
that perhaps Jones had not been the most PRODUCTIVE artist in the studio. Like,
sometimes she would just smoke pot all day while he was paying for studio time.
(Which is doubly funny, because I have heard the same rumors about Tricky, but
I guess things are different when YOU are picking up the bill...) But, stoner
studio habits aside, I would still LOVE to hear the by product of any
Tricky/Grace Jones collaboration. Don't you think that combination would be

•SPEAKING OF SEX, DRUGS AND ROCK AND ROLL... When am I NOT talking about sex,
drugs and rock and roll. He he he... Anyway, apparently British royal PRINCE
EDWARD has decided to jump on the rock and roll documentary bandwagon and have
his production company make a three-hour film about the ROLLING STONES' early
years. Way to stay hip, royal guy....

wildman MEAT LOAF who decided to make an impression at London's VIRGIN
MEGASTORE by showing up on a white horse with a naked LADY GODIVA on the back.
The aging BAT OUT OF HELL singer was at the busy store on Oxford Street to sign
copies of his latest album THE VERY BEST EASY Monday night, and I am told that
he personally arranged his attention-grabbing stunt. Instead of his trademark
entrance on the back of a motorbike, he insisted that his record company get
him wonder horse PERGUANO, who was ridden by KEVIN COSTNER in ROBIN HOOD PRINCE
OF THIEVES and SEAN CONNERY in FIRST KNIGHT. And he not only made a grand
entrance, but he also pledged that he would not leave the store until all of
his fans had got the time with him they wanted. Even though I still think that
his music is mired in terminal cheese, I have to give him some props for that
kind of fan-friendly rock star behavior.

•U2 PLEDGE: NO MORE STADIUM ROCK!!: U2 are adamant that their days as a big
stadium rock band are over. The DESIRE hitmakers are currently working on a new
album in Dublin, Ireland, with producers BRIAN ENO and DANIEL LANOIS, but
drummer LARRY MULLEN is convinced that the Irish supergroup will never play
venues as big as the ones they did on their POPMART tour last year. We hear
that the band only made a measly $5 million profit on the expensive-to-produce
POPMART tour, which could be a major factor in their lack of desire to repeat
the experience. But Mullen gives different reasons for his desire to play more
intimate shows. He says, "We will tour again, but in a much different way. The
stadium thing is something we've done and I think we've done it as best as you
possibly can. So when we go on the road again I hope we can play in smaller
venues where the focus is more on the four members of the band rather than on a
huge stage show. I'd like to do smaller arenas instead of stadiums next time
around. To play somewhere like Dublin's Point Theater instead of Croke Park.
It's very hard to go in to somewhere like Croke Park with a small production,
you feel like you're ripping people off." But the superstar drummer says the
group are unlikely to tour again until this time next year at the earliest.

•CELEBRITY CONVICT OF THE WEEK: Shout outs go to former STONE ROSES frontman
IAN BROWN who has managed to land himself a four month sentence in a Manchester
jail for threatening an air stewardess on a recent flight from Paris. Although
Brown tried to convince the court that the entire episode was just a joke gone
terribly awry, the judge was not buying it and handed down the rather severe
sentence last week. Brown has already served four days of his sentence, but was
then released pending his appeal. However, the courts rejected that appeal this
week and ordered that he serve out his sentence. As a result the now solo Brown
has been forced to abandon his upcoming 20 date US tour and essentially fire
the members of his backing band until he is released from jail. One of the
members of his band said, "That's us on the dole. The UK tour is out of the
window and we'll just have to see whether we can salvage the tour to Japan."

And to make things just that much worse it looks like several airlines might
even ban the singer from ever flying on their carriers again after he was
convicted for his boorish in-flight behavior. Spokesman UPDESCH KAPUR from
VIRGIN says, "The court have seen fit to put Brown away, that type of incident
is so serious that we will take a very cautious view as to if we ever allow him
to fly on our aircrafts." Sounds like the whole situation has become a bit
hellish for the hapless Brown. It certainly makes you pause to think twice
before getting cranky with your next stewardess!!

lobotomy, we blind you, we deafen you, we shake your innards, that's what it's
all about." - KISS guitarist PAUL STANLEY talks about his band's approach to
their live shows. Subtle would not be the first adjective to come to mind.

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