Jose Canseco and former Eagle Vai Sikahema to fight in N.J.

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Javier H.

Jul 12, 2008, 1:08:09 AM7/12/08

Jose Canseco and former Eagle Vai Sikahema to fight in AC

Thursday, July 10th 2008, 10:41 PM


Jose Canseco.
Jose Canseco's former lawyer has a message for the steroid-stained
slugger: I hope Vai Sikahema kicks your butt Saturday night.

Robert Saunooke said he won't rest until Canseco pays the more than
$342,000 a Broward County, Fla., judge awarded him Thursday for
overdue legal fees.

"I'll garnish wages. I'll attach assets. Maybe I'll get the proceeds
from the fight. I'll take his deposition, find out what he owns and
where it is," Saunooke told the Daily News. "Any money, assets, I'm
going to go after."

Canseco and Sikahema, the former Philadelphia Eagles kick returner,
are scheduled to rumble Saturday night in the "War at the Shore," a
celebrity boxing match at Atlantic City's Bernie Robbins Stadium.

At 5-9, 205 pounds, Sikahema is significantly smaller than his 6-4,
245-pound counterpart, who has studied martial arts. But Sikahema, who
spent eight years in the NFL, was an amateur boxer as a kid who logged
80 fights, and promoter Damon Feldman promises a terrific baseball vs.
football matchup.

"Vai is in great shape, Canseco is in great shape and it's going to be
a great fight," Feldman said.

Canseco and Sikahema, now a sportscaster in Philadelphia, will go at
each other for three two-minute rounds wearing headgear and 14-ounce

Feldman said the winner will take on another celebrity pug, perhaps
John Rocker, in November. Feldman is also hoping to convince Canseco's
former Bash Brother, Mark McGwire, to get into the ring with Canseco.
Rep. Henry Waxman, the California Democrat who led this year's
congressional steroid hearing, could referee the fight, Feldman said
with a laugh.

Saunooke, Canseco's lawyer from 2003 until this year, filed suit this
spring claiming the "Juiced" and "Vindicated" author owed him between
$350,000 and $500,000 for legal representation in civil and criminal
cases, as well as contract negotiations, book deals and airline

Canseco, who lost his Encino, Calif., home to foreclosure earlier this
year, did not respond to Saunooke's lawsuit. Saunooke filed a motion
for default and judgement on July 1. Yesterday, a judge ruled Canseco
owed the lawyer $342,818.89.

Saunooke said he'll depose Canseco's current and past girlfriends to
recover the money, and he'll look into garnishing money Canseco earned
from endorsing a gambling Web site and a line of dietary supplements.
He will also talk to Simon & Schuster, the publisher of "Vindicated,"
and ask the company to produce records about money Canseco has earned
from his book.

Saunooke won't attend the fight in Atlantic City, but he knows who he
wants to win.

"Vai Sikahema played with me at BYU," Saunooke said. "I hope that he
beats his butt. I hope Vai knocks him out. I'd be happy to double
Vai's take - whatever he's getting - if he does. Vai's a great guy.
Vai is a fighter. I don't know if Jose can take a punch or not."

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