OT: Numbers favour 'Doris' Day for Alliance -- "I'm not sure he'd look any better in a sweater-set with pearls." says NDP Leader

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David Migicovsky

Nov 16, 2000, 3:00:00 AM11/16/00
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Canadian Press

Halifax — The campaign to make Canadian Alliance Leader Stockwell Day
change his first name to Doris has reached what organizers call the magic

More than 400,000 people have signed an Internet petition lobbying for the
move, the CBC pollsters say.

Comedian Rick Mercer, of the satirical show This Hour has 22 Minutes, said
Thursday that works out to 3 per cent of voters, the number the Alliance
has suggested would be needed to trigger a national referendum.

But Mr. Mercer said he hears grumblings from Mr. Day's people that the
number might not be enough.

Mr. Mercer said that is no problem, he will get as many as it takes.

"The Alliance now believes this 3 per cent could be open to abuse, and we
couldn't agree more, so the ball is back in his court. Just tell us the
number and we'll match it," Mr. Mercer said. "It's actually useful now that
they keep raising the bar, and I have every confidence that we can match

The show launched the petition to lampoon the Alliance policy about holding
referendums on issues if 3 per cent of voters petitioned for them.

Mr. Mercer said he wanted to show that "any idiot" could agitate for a
referendum under the Alliance policy and said he wants to be the idiot to
do it.

Doris Day, a singing and movie star famous in the 1950s, was considered the
epitome of femininity.

Doris Day's publicist said the star would not comment, but added that his
client wouldn't be amused by This Hour's poll because "she takes politics
very seriously."

NDP Leader Alexa McDonough showed mock concern.

"It's all very well for us to laugh about this, but there a couple of
pretty serious questions to consider," she said while campaigning in
Northern Ontario.

"I think we know how goofy Stockwell Day looks in a wet suit, and I'm not
sure he'd look any better in a sweater-set with pearls."

Ms. McDonough also said that although only 20 per cent of MPs are women,
forcing Stockwell Day to change his name to Doris "does seem a bit

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