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Total Depravity is a doctrine which expresses such text of Holy Scripture such as Ro.3:10 and following. Total Depravity is summed up
by God when He exposes the innate nature of fallen man saying... " ... the carnal mind is enmity against God: for it is not subject to
the law of God, neither indeed can be." Ro.8:7. Simply put, there is nothing in fallen man pleasing to God, Ro.8:8. It is folly to
preach a recital of a Sinner's Prayer or to do other denominational acceptable good works has any redeeming effect.

Yet, fallen man thinks these charges do not apply to him and he's exhorted to recite a Sinner's Prayer by those fallen as well... both
parties pretending all is well between them and the Almighty because of this recital. The Word of God makes no apology's for statements
such as found in these passages. Fallen man is evil to the core as far as God is concerned and he by no means will come under the
lordship of Christ and indeed can not of his own free will, Ro.8:8. Man's free will, by the way, was given up to Satan in the Garden of
which we all took part.

So then, with these and uncountable other such charges against fallen man spoken by God we come to the realization that, as the Holy
Scripture so teaches, fallen man is " dead in trespasses and sins," Eph.2:1-3. He is Totally Depraved. He does not have a self
determination to please God but rather, his every thought, bar none, is only evil continually, Gen.6:5. Fallen man finds turning from
this depraved lifestyle an " abomination," Pv.13:19b. He is " faithless and perverse," Mt.17:17... he will not have the Savior Jesus
Christ reign over him, Lk.19, being fallen man " hates " Jesus Christ, Jn.15:18. Fallen man is so depraved in his fallen state of being
dead in sin that he actually believes he cooperates with Christ, whom he hates while in his fallen and depraved state of being, so as
to right himself before God by his reciting a Sinner's Prayer or by performing any other righteous acts.

In fact, the Word of God says plainly in the original language that fallen man's righteousness, when viewed by God in his fallen state
of being, is " ayd "... menstruate and " behg'-ed "... covering / rags. Isa.64:6... hence, fallen man's righteousness is to God as
" menstruous clothes " The fallen Christian thinks his recital of his denominationally perfected Sinner's Prayer changes all this even
though he approached God in that state of being. Invocations aimed at Christ can not save lest man saves himself.

Total Depravity, as a doctrine of the Bible, recognizes man's fallen state of being as preached by Peter in Acts 2:23 context, for
example, while Christendom today has deleted this doctrine from their preaching's. " God loves you and has a perfect plan for your
life" is the typical lie spoken which lulls the fallen by the fallen to likewise " accept Jesus " thus saving oneself, while fallen.
Ps.5:4-6 has been erased from Holy Scripture by the fallen of Christendom simply because the fallen think much more highly of
themselves than does God.

Total Depravity does not seek to say there is no human good in fallen man. When fallen man assay's himself by his own standards he will
always find better in him than what is spoken of him by God as recorded in truth for us in Holy Scripture. Thereby he concocts Sinner's
Prayer's, commandment keeping, water baptism, surrender and repentance as his means to self-redemption, which is nothing more than

Total Depravity is evidenced when a person agrees with the scheme that " God loves me " in my fallen state of being all the while the
Word of God declares pitilessly that God hates the fallen as well as their ways, Ps.5:4-6. It was man's free will choice to break the
bonds he had with Jesus Christ while in the Garden and the consequences of that choice brought sin and death on him with the forfeiture
of all claims of righteous standing with his Creator. Fallen man, since his fall, is under the lordship of Satan, 2 Tim.2:26.

Fallen man's only avenue of escape from death everlasting is in an election unto forgiveness of sins and life eternal in the courts of
Almighty God by God acting first and alone, Jn.5:21; Ro.9; 10:20; Eph.1:3-14 et al.

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