Secular believing, Acts 8, taught by Christendom as redemptive believing as in Acts 13:48...

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Like many other doctrines of Holy Scripture, the Lord God uses the same exact word given to His prophets, as recorded in the original
languages of the Bible which have two distinctly different meanings... not always obvious in the translations. This is why word studies
are so extremely important.

For example, the word translated " salvation " simply means " delivered; rescued; saved " ...that element of redemption whereas a
chosen one is given forgiveness of sins and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit and eternal life... because God granted him life eternal
not based on his recital of the Sinner's Prayer, nor good works of any other kind... but, this elect one is not fully " saved " in this
earthly life though he or she is fully pardoned from the wages of his sins otherwise requiring his death. He has yet to be translated
into the courts of the Almighty which will come at the end of his earthly life or upon the return of Christ, whichever comes first. The
one word " salvation " has these two such meanings... the one is in the here and now while the other is yet to be realized for God's
elect and them alone.

" Believing " also has two entirely different meanings. The one meaning is completely secular while the other is completely spiritual
as both types are defined by God in Holy Scripture. A comparison of the two can be seen in the passages already given. The one meaning
can rightly be said to be objective while the other subjective. Simon of Acts 8 at first showed the signs of having been redeemed. But,
let a little time pass and his true colors became evident. The end result of Simon's " believing " did show itself to be purely
secular... a personal endorsement of experiential facts as he observed the miracle wrought by God through Peter. Peter's believing, on
the hand, was caused in him by God the moment Peter was given life from the dead as explained in Eph.2.

Christendom has fallen by the wayside in it's teachings that all a person has to do is " believe " to becomes saved. They speak of Acts
8 we they say this... not Acts 13:48. Today's idea of salvation is that since Christ died for the " whole world " everyone is saved or
shall be after their physical death. It is otherwise taught by Christendom that although Christ died for the " whole world " it's yet
up to the individual to initiate redemption for himself by " believing." In fact, a phrase found in the haughty Sinner's Prayer
declares " I believe You died for me." This is the result of simply objectively agreeing with facts created by denominational
traditions so that fallen man gets the glory for the work he's done as he initiated salvation for himself through his own thought
process... not to initiate ones own salvation is to not be saved.

Indeed, we read Jn.6:47. But, the context of that chapter as well as the Bible as a whole is not taken into account which sharply
differentiates between the accumulation of facts mistaken for genuine redemptive believing against that kind of believing which comes
after, not before, redemption has taken place as in Acts 13:48... by the circumcision of heart made without human hands but by God's
hands...the cutting edge is that if Christ died for every one, every one is filled with His Holy Spirit the indwelling of whom can not
be separated from genuine redemption, Eph.1:13,14; Ro.8:16 context... the " whole world " of our day and Noah's day certainly was and
is not filled the Holy Spirit showing the fruits thereof. Universal Atonement is a demonic lie.

If fallen man is redeemed when " he " believes in Jesus Christ then man is saved by works. Fallen man used his rational thought process
to act upon his denominational invitation to " accept Jesus " to become saved. Christendom has again reordered the events of Holy
Scripture making " believing " the cause of redemption rather than the effect of redemption as in Acts 13:48. We also find Jn.3:3 put
in reverse order by today's Christendom and Jn.1:13 is deleted from Jn.1:12. When God does the redeeming as in Jn.3:3 and 1:12,13 and
not man, genuine redemption has taken place and true, subjective, spiritual, redemption believing caused by God, as in Jn.5:21, has
taken place. What comes out of the mouths of true believers is thanksgiving to God for the saving. What comes out of the mouths of
fallen " believing " Christians is " I " chose to believe in Christ for salvation." Now tell that to all those stricken with
debilitating brain disease... insanity, Dementia, Autism and the like, and all aborted fetuses who you deny salvation to because you're
so smart as to " believe " while they can never be so smart. Objective believing deludes the fallen as in Jn.6.

And, the icing on the cake, so to speak, is that in Holy Scripture we find at least four fetuses were given eternal life, hence,
" saved " from the wrath to come by God without any initiating cause on their part. Ro.9. These are Jacob, David, Jeremiah and John the
Baptist all redeemed by God while in their fetal state of being. It can never be that fallen man initiates salvation for himself since
to him, God forbids it, Ro.3:10 and following; 8:7,8; Eph.2:1-3 et al.

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