Dissolving the myth of the Saturday Sabbath during the extinct Church Age / Christian Era...

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Oct 1, 2017, 6:57:38 AM10/1/17

Even though the Church Age / Christian Era is for decades dissolved by God, 2 Tim.4:3,4; 2 Thes.2:1-12; Rev.18, because Christ is
blasphemed from the pulpit by the very ones entrusted with telling the truth, preaching Jesus Christ as the failed Savior of the world
who died for every one but can not save any one who doesn't invoke God to gain His favor... being that fallen man holds himself not
liable to come under the condemnation of Ro.3:10ff... and since the translator's of the English Bibles have perverted the Holy
Scripture as well by blatantly mistranslated key words of Holy Scripture such as " week; hell; filthy rags; lieth in; filthy rags;
angels, " just to cite a few, it is still of value to see how mistranslating Bible words leads to denominational traditions of men. The
elect must avoid the pitfalls designed by fallen Christendom which in turn, makes their calling and election sure, Ro.12:2; 2 Cor.13:5.

Take, for example, the English word mistranslated " week " in Mt.28:1; Mk.16:1,2; Lk.24:1 and Jn.20:1. The original word erroneously
translated " week " is really the word " Sabbaton " otherwise translated " Sabbath " in the NT as in Mt.12:1,2. From these latter
passages we know God is speaking of the day He finished creation and rested from His work and made it a holy day recognizing it in the
spiritual sense as the rest from laboring in order to gain salvation. We were to rest from labor on that day... which in the spiritual
sense means to not work for salvation but to " ...both hope and quietly wait for the salvation of the LORD, " La.3:26, since no one can
be saved by being obedient to the Commandments, Gal.2:16, and every Word spoken by God is Commandment, Isa.8:20, not just the Law of

To insert the correct word " Sabbath " in place of the incorrectly translated word " week " in the four text noted in the Gospel's we
find an entirely different doctrine set before us than is otherwise preached. Denominational traditions of a few churches calling
themselves Christian have built their religion on this premise that Saturday is the day of rest. The correct rendering of these
occurrences of the word " week " tells us that now Sunday is being spoken of and Saturday is not. For example, in Mt.28:1 we read...
" In the end of the sabbath, ( Saturday Sabbath ) as it began to dawn toward the first day of the Sabbathon, ( Sunday Sabbath ) came
Mary Magdalene and the other Mary to see the sepulchre." Here we find, as with the other three Gospel's, the Saturday Sabbath is
ended... " In the end of the Sabbath." The word " Sabbaton " is incorrectly translated to " week."

Mk.16:1... " And when the Sabbath was past ( Saturday Sabbath ) ... " v.2... " And very early in the morning the first of the
Sabbathon. (Sunday Sabbath ) The Saturday Sabbath is eliminated by God as these four evidences in the Gospel's so teach being that the
glory of that day is past at the resurrection of Christ who fulfilled all things the Law of Moses could not do, such as enter fallen
man into His rest which is salvation itself, Heb.4.

A peculiar objection to this doctrine made by Saturday worshipers who obviously have not entered His rest, salvation, is to call Sunday
worshipers " sun worshipers. " If these like to borrow phraseology from pagan Roman worship of planets then by their own folly they've
labeled themselves " Saturn worshipers " since Saturday as a name of this week day is derived from the planet Saturn.

Are we to look to the Savior Jesus Christ who created the universe and all things in it or to the days of the week He created so that
by claiming Saturday is the day of rest we do not regard the salvation He provided, or are we to recognize Sunday as the day He began
creation thus creating days recognizing His resurrection on Sunday which signifies having entered the rest if He has saved by grace and
not the works of the law ? If to " ...make your calling and election sure..." 2 Pet.2:10, has any meaning at all then as the Gospel
passages so noted make evident we are in all things to recognize Sunday by word and deed is the Sabbath day... the day Christ rose from
the tomb alive as His elect will also rise from their tombs alive when Christ returns on the Last Day.

In Acts 13:13-48 we see Sunday being evidenced again starting in v.42 as the Sabbath day. Being that Christ rose from the dead on
Sunday ( the resurrection of the Son of God, Jesus Christ, is vehemently cursed by Christian belief systems wherever Plato's burning
hell is preached as the place where the wages of sin is paid in full by enduring burning hell forever and ever after a sinner
Re-Incarnates to it from the grave... burning hell is where the wages of sin is paid for by the sinner enduring it for ever and Christ
died for sin... to pay the price sin requires Christ is still enduring burning hell or justice simply is not served... this is the
twisted Gnostic non-sense preached every day by fallen Christendom's pretenders to the faith ) the " Light " of whom began to shine
early Sunday morning, not Saturday, Sunday, Mal.4... Christ is the " Sun " of righteousness, v.2; Acts 26:23.

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