No such thing as a Millennial reign of Christ on this earth, Mt.25:31-46; 2 Tim.4:1 Part 2

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We know that Satan has been deceiving fallen man since the Garden until now and will continue to do so until he is destroyed on
Judgment Day, 2 Thes.2:1-12, which is yet another text of Holy Scripture whereas Christ's return * IS * Judgment Day, v.8, the Last
Day, with the Day of Judgment and destruction of this present world occurring on the very same day, 2 Pet.3:7. It can not be supposed
for a moment that what comes out of the pulpit is even remotely correct, 2 Tim.4:3,4 et al, in that fallen man is taught out of the
pulpit that he is not subject to the condemnations of Ro.3:10 and following... fallen man is taught that he * Is * righteous but a
polluted sinner at the same time... righteous enough to suppose himself able and worthy to save himself by properly invoking God to
save which, without fallen man so doing, remains condemned.

In this dwells deceit that he is righteous and wise enough to " accept Jesus " to become saved... purely a righteous work on the part
of fallen man performed while fallen and under the condemnations of Ro.3:10 and following.

We know therefore that Satan is alive and well in the world right now. Man is conceived in sin by his fallen parents, Ps.51:5. *That *
hasn't changed. More than half of Christendom is on their knees praying to their female deity, *That* hasn't changed, and will continue
to do so up until the Last Day, the Day of Judgment, the Day Christ returns in the clouds at which time comes His last act against sin,
sinner's and Satan... namely, the total and complete annihilation of this present world gathered from the passages already given and
Rev.20, et al, Jer.46:10 context as well..

With sin in the world from the Garden to this day it is apparent that the return of Christ in the clouds is due to fallen man's
insatiable love of sin, Jn.3:19 and fallen man's hatred of Christ, Jn.15:18,19...His return is the end of sin. Should the
Millennialist's be correct then Christ would be governing in Person over this sin polluted earth just as He is doing now but from
heaven, and, for another thousand earth years at that. That doesn't make a bit of sense. Sin and death was certainly not propitiated
for the " whole world " by His death for it... the death of Christ is applied by Him to His elect and to them alone, Jn. 3:16; 5:21;
10:11,15, et al... these and these alone are the objects of His saving death, Jn.3:16, 1 Jn.2:2, whereas the * whole world * of the
non-elect are in an ever active sexual embrace with Satan, 1 Jn.5:19. Because Christ rules from heaven and always did, being here in
Person for another thousand years is never taught by Him from the Bible. Sinful man was just as sinful face to face when the Lord
Jesus was here the first time. The Millennialist's try to make a case out of Rev.20 but by so doing overrule and deny all text of Holy
Scripture already given in this post which tells us otherwise.

These text are as plain as day telling us Christ's return is for the salvation of His elect and the damnation of the non-elect... this
old earth will be utterly destroyed and done away with, with the non-elect and Satan and his horde with it, to make way for the new
heavens and new earth, 2 Pet.3. Forcing on the Scriptures the denominational traditions of the Millennialist's, who preach salvation is
not by Christ alone, Jn.5:21, not decided by Him alone before the world began, Eph.1:4, but by the joint effort of Christ and fallen
man's " accepting Him "... through a full willingness to turn from evil which is all he knows and loves, Pv.13:19b...a scheme
completely foreign to Jn.1:12,13; 3:3 and 5:21 just to name a few, since fallen man loves sin, Jn.3:19 and Satan, 1 Jn.5:19, because he
hates Jesus Christ, Jn.15:18, and can not right himself by keeping commandments, being baptized in water, repenting nor by Sinner's
Prayer's. * That * would mean salvation is for the smart, only.

The gospels of the Millennialist's are the concoction of the non-elect for the non-elect... a way for the non-elect to walk proudly
evidencing to the world that they've masterminded their own salvation because they were smart enough to " accept Jesus " whereas those
stricken with brain diseases... the insane, the Autism sufferer, the Dementia sufferer and so on, are incapable of the rational
righteous handling of their affairs and own free will whereas the self-elected are.

How do these people get around Ps.50:16 to close ? To ask them is to converse with Satan since the fallen Christian engineered his own
salvation and teaches other of the fallen to follow likewise.

Knowing that the entire Word of God is in a parabolic form for the purpose of teaching His elect while confusing the fallen be they
pretending salvation as they do by good works done by them while fallen, we, on the other side of Christ,
Mt.25:31 to close ( yet another context telling us that Judgment Day will happen the day Christ returns and not some 1000 years later )
we discover that the numbers in the Bible follow the pattern already briefly given. 5 is the number of grace. Christ feed the 5000 with
the loafs and fishes. We can be certain no one of His disciples took a head count of the persons present.

" The cattle on a thousand hills is Mine." Does this mean that at 1000 God owns no more or does this mean everything there is to own is
indeed owned by god who made all things ? It is with this in mind when finding numbers spoken of in Holy Scripture that numbers are to
be viewed else we go off on a tangent.

In Mt.18:24 the word translated " thousand " is not the same word so translated " thousand " in Rev.20.

In Rev.20 the number 1000 speaks of

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