Unconditional Election overthrows Conditional Election / Co-Redemption... Lk.4:16-31

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Sep 17, 2017, 7:10:34 AM9/17/17

As dastardly as it is being that fallen man is an " alien from the commonwealth of Israel, and strangers from the covenants of promise,
having no hope, and without God in the world... Eph.2;12, fallen man actually has the arrogance to claim some good work on his part
invoked God to save him, and, so haughty as reprobate Christendom is these days, 2 Tim.4:3,4; 2 Thes.2:1-12; Rev.18, that fallen man is
told not walk in the pride of heart once he saved himself. Such moves God to declare the churches of Christendom today " is become the
habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird." Rev.18.

These and copious other charges are rightly leveled by God seeing that in these End Times Christendom has raised up preachers after the
flesh bringing with them the pride that goes before a fall and teaching such to other's.

Unconditional Election answer's the heathen doctrine " Conditional Election " which came first. This latter scheme seeks to offer
fallen man the promise that God saves those who call upon Him for salvation, but, with that scheme comes the demonic lie that something
righteous must come from fallen man first else salvation will not take place. In this we see Co-Redemption rearing it's ugly head since
the churches now preach gospels of salvation for the smart, only. Unconditional Election, on the other hand, agrees with Holy Scripture
by word and by deed that election unto life is purely unconditional on the part of fallen man, Ro.10:20; Lk.19:10; Jn.5:21... lest man
should boast.

The fallen of Christendom are much too arrogant to hear that they are yet dead in sin facing death being there is no invocation coming
from any fallen man worthy to invoke Christ to save, Ps.50:16 ff. Such is easily seen in Jn.5:21 for example. Ro.10:20 comments on
fallen Christendom's twisting of verses 9 and 10 of that chapter... salvation is found only by those * Not * seeking God. In this the
grace of God is made known to His elect ones... Ro.3:10 ff applied to His elect just as it does to the non-elect except the non-elect
and fallen Christian takes the credit for " accepting Jesus " supposing by this righteous act on his part he saved him.

Furthermore, God has given us perhaps the most wonderful real time illustration of what Unconditional Election is... Christ redeemed 4
of His OT prophets while they were yet fetuses. No " acceptance of Jesus " preceded salvation and caused grace else fetuses have
intellectual awareness of their own sin nature and are capable of life changing decisions as so bragged on by fallen Christians
claiming they successfully invoked Christ to redeem. These are, Jacob, Ro.9; David, Ps.139; Jeremiah, Jer.1:4,5 and John the Baptist,

Bound up in his own haughty pride the fallen of Christendom, as likewise the fallen of that synagogue in Lk.4, become enraged with the
doctrine that nothing good resides in them and never will so as to successfully invoke God to redeem. Unconditional Election is loved
by God's elect being they were as Eph.2 so states and that it is the Savior Jesus Christ who raised them from that state of being
simply because it pleases Him to give what fallen man doesn't have... a love and burning desire to fellowship with Him on a constant
basis which no fallen man has being fallen man hates Jesus Christ, Jn.15:18 and is likewise hated by Him, Ps.5:4-6.

So then, Unconditional Election agrees completely with Holy Scripture humbling the recipients of it while the proud of heart go about
trying to convince themselves their recital of their Sinner's Prayer and other good works produced salvation for themselves.

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