No such thing as a Millennial reign of Christ on this earth, Mt.25:31-46; 2 Tim.4:1; 2 Thes.1:3-10... Part 1

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May 15, 2018, 7:20:59 AM5/15/18

It is well promoted that Christ will reign as King over all the earth from Jerusalem in visible form for a period of one thousand years
which will take place at some time in the near future when He returns in the clouds with the host of heaven and His elect. There is
" one faith," Eph.4:5, but there are a number of positions espoused concerning this event which is called, among other titles, " The
Millennial Reign of Christ."

Thankfully, it's not going to happen this way.

The facts of matter are clearly written for us in the passages already given... when the Lord and Savior and our Everlasting God does
in fact appear in the clouds it will be Judgment Day. Christ's kingdom is not of this world, Jn.18:36. That passage should be enough to
alert us to investigate further why Christ would say such a thing if He was indeed to reign on earth in Person as supposed by the
Millennialist's. He is and has been absolute Monarch over this world since forever past... He has always been Ruler and King over His
creation, 1 Tim.6:14-16... which is also speaking of Judgment Day on the Day Christ returns in glory with His elect and His holy angels
as does Mt.25:31-46. We know this but the Millennialist's live by sight, by material, not by faith and truth as does all of Christendom
minus God's elect.

The rules governing Bible interpretation begin by being given life and the faith of Jesus Christ, Jn.14:16,17 compare 14:26. Secondly,
the Bible and it alone is the only source of the knowledge of God, Ps.119; 2 Tim.3:16,17, the 66 Books comprising the entire revelation
of God to us. Therefore, only by the original languages the Bible was given to us will we come to understand the hard parables of which
the Bible is, Mar.4:34. Any investigation into it by any other means is fruitless... what comes out of Christendom is mixed with
Gnostic non-sense. The elect and the elect alone are the only persons to whom understanding of the printed Word ever comes,
Mt.13:10-16; Jn.14:17,26. By this we discern the Spirit of Truth against the spirit of error, 1 Jn.4:6.

To believe doctrine as preached from the pulpit is Denominationalism... a definite stumbling block, Mt.15:1-14. There is no such thing
as " Non-Denominationalism " since these too preach salvation is by the good natural of fallen man choosing Christ which must come
first or salvation can not and does not take place. In fact, as far as the fallen of the pulpit are concerned, of which all are at this
point in time, it's not against the teaching of Christ to pray in public, Mt.6:5,6, which they love to do as they merchandize their
wear's of deceit in public view for their public glory... the doctrine of " itching ears," 2 Tim.4:3,4.

The fallen of Christendom try desperately to factor in the 1000 years spoken of in Rev.20 to substantiate their claim of a Millennial
reign of Christ on this sin cursed earth to the exclusion of passages already cited. Putting this idea to the test, " thousand " in the
Bible doesn't necessarily mean " thousand " as in Ps.50:10; 2 Pet.3:8. In fact, the word " chilioi " translated " thousand " in Rev.20
does not mean, and never did mean 1000 in and of itself. Neither does the use of the same word elsewhere in the NT represent the number
1000. Do a word study rather than conform to denominational traditions based on what the pulpit is programmed by traditions to preach.

Nonetheless, in Rev.20:2-7 " thousand " represents not precisely 1000 years since it's spiritual definition is conditioned by how the
word is used in those passages as well as by the entire Bible... the 66 Books comprising the Word of God. Thousand years of v.2 can be
known as well by what it does not refer to.

Continued in Part 2

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