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Sep 20, 2017, 7:22:36 AM9/20/17

Following along with the scheme developed by fallen men that he is indeed sovereign lord of his life comes the idea that the will of
fallen man overwhelms the will of God and actually thwarts it. King Nebuchadnezzar thought this of himself as well, Dan.4. Nonetheless,
because it's believed that fallen man has a free will, which he certainly does not, 2 Tim.2:26; Jn.5:40 context; Jer.13:23, he is
capable of bringing the determinate will of God to nothing since that fallen man believes Christ died for him but it's yet up to him to
take advantage of the grace of God or not. The Lord God Jesus Christ provided a * potential * redemption by dying in every last man's
place, at best. Should he of his own imaginary free will choose to reject Christ who he is told and believes objectively that Christ
died for him he then has successfully shamed Jesus Christ and thwarted His invitation to come to Him for salvation even though Christ
already died for that man which had no real effect and never will unless and until fallen man decides it should.

Contrary to fallen man's Gnostic belief system which conjures up such scheme's the Bible teaches emphatically that no power can
overthrown and bring to nothing the will and purpose of God, Dan.4:35; Ro.9. Is He not called " Almighty ?" Ex.6:3: Rev.1:8. Being that
He is, but while fallen man believes " Salvation is an individual choice," deterring the will of God to save is simply impossible. If
it were possible then Satan, sin and death and fallen man would be more powerful than God.

What we have here is modern Christendom preaching Gnostic non-sense from the pulpit, seminary college educated, in accord with
denominational traditions, that fallen man is not totally fallen and eminently prevails over God because he successfully stymies the
power of God to save. What fallen man consistently fails to take into account is that by no means can he save himself... Ro.3:10 and
following ought to have told him that, but being fallen and dead in sin and under the lordship of Satan he can not hear the Word of
God, Mk.4:15. Fallen man thinks he can bring to nothing the sacrifice of Christ to save him should he decline the invitation of the
Gospel. The invitation of today's gospel's give him that option but God does not, Ro.9:18.

The death of Christ will simply never go unnoticed as long as this world exists. For whom He died these * will * be redeemed, Jn.6:65,
at the instant He calls those dead in sin unto life, Acts 13:48. It must be remembered that fallen man is dead in sin needing
resurrecting before he will ever come to life. He therefore has no choice in the matter of salvation as the Holy Scripture teaches with
crystal clarity in Eph.2, for example, since he is dead... without Sinner's Prayer's, commandment keeping, water baptism, repentance
and surrender capable of driving him to " accept Jesus " thereby. Lazarus did not come forth from the grave because he decided to of
his non-existent free will while dead. He came forth being called of Christ who first, gave him life. Likewise, as the Holy Scripture
so teaches, fallen man comes forth from the bondage of Satan, sin and death only because and if he is called by our great God and
Savior Jesus Christ to come forth, Jn.5:21. The rest are passed by as was with the Egyptians who were without the blood of the
sacrifice on the night of the Passover analogous to Christ's sacrifice, and of course, analogous to the Day of Judgment.

Simply put, many are on the road to destruction while few are on the road to life, Mt.7:13,14. It is safe to conclude that all mankind
would perish if it wasn't for the Unconditional Election of the few. The elect give never ending thankfulness to the Savior Jesus
Christ who brought them out of the condemnation of death had He not shown grace to them by dying in their stead and giving life to His
chosen few.

It is really an incorrect statement to say " Irresistible " or " Obstructable " grace because the dead simply obstruct nothing.

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