This funny thing happened on the way to hell...( modern apostate Christian theology.)..

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May 12, 2018, 3:43:55 PM5/12/18

No question about it, apostate Christians preach life after death for the lost as well as the redeemed. They do this so they have the
justification they need to boast of their wonderful good work of " accepting Jesus as their Lord and Savior " which, if properly
recited via their " Sinner's Prayer," entitles them to redemption. The scheme is obviously to bring attention to themselves for this
good work which invoked God to save... key word " Invoke... to cause, call forth, or bring about." Hence, to cause ones own salvation.
It's only too bad for the mentally disabled of the world who haven't got the intellectual capacity to " cause by invoking " their own
salvation... those with Autism, Insanity, Dementia and so on.

We are amazed that in their boasting of self-salvation, being they are wiser than those suffering mental illness... they can not see
that they themselves are blinded by their own brand of stunted intellectual ability... they simply can not see that they preach a
redemption based on fallen man's ability to get it. Man, is " faithless," Mt.17:17, but these apostate Christians have " placed " their
" faith in Christ " and claim to be redeemed by so doing.

Neither can they understand the crooked gospel's coming out of their own mouths. Take, for example, their idea of a burning hell
awaiting all person's who failed to properly invoke God by self-generated means as " accepting " Jesus Christ. The false gospel's so
preached by apostate Christendom not only includes a burning hell awaiting all unredeemed sinner's... not only is their burning hell
endured unto infinity ( no one ever dies being fallen Christendom preaches man is immortal in obedience to Gen.3:4 )... not only is
Christ not risen since He is the Sinbearer of the " whole world " burning away alive in hell where the wages of sin are met to sinner's
as well as He... after all, Jesus Christ is the Sinbearer of the " whole world "and hell is the only place were it's wages are met...
but apostate Christendom preaches Re-Incarnation just as did Plato who popularized a burning hell of torments for the wicked but not
dead... never to die... he taught his disciples man is immortal just like fallen Christians do.

It's really very simple... men die and are buried but " he " is not dead. He is not in his body but he is burning in hell where no one
ever dies. The wages of sin is not death but eternal life... a lie against Ro.6:23a and " Scripture can not be broken." Jn.10:35.
Being ' he ' is not in his body and being the human body vaporizes in fire and returns to it's worldly elements from which it is made,
some other form needs be filled by the dead man. This from must be other worldly in order not to vaporize in the flames and return to
dust as God said it would... ' he ' must Re-Incarnate into some form or other which feels the pain of the flames but is not killed by
the flames... the fallen even claim Christ teaches Re-Incarnation by their total inability to understand Lk.16:22 and 23.

In comes Re-Incarnation adopted by fallen Christians so as to show the world they've escaped hell by their ever so intellectual choice
to trust in Christ... a good work, indeed, Ps.37:3. They likewise have no conscience telling them that if there was a hell where the
wages of sin are paid but never in full ( no one ever dies... man is immortal they preach just as did Plato ) but that God punishes
twice for the same sins... forever on Christ who the fallen preach has not and never will be risen because hell is where sin's wages
are met... then again on the sinner's they tell us He died in the stead of. This amounts to preaching to the world God is unjust.

In these End Times we see from 2 Thes.2:1-12 that Satan rules in every church of Christendom while God is sending " strong delusion "
down upon apostate Christians... not upon the whole world, but on apostate Christians according to 2 Thes.2:1-12... so they are caused
to believe their own false gospel's of self-salvation. By this we know Christ is nearly about to arrive in power and glory being these
false gospel's are preached world wide by apostate Christendom, Mt.24:14...not the true Gospel of Jesus Christ but the false gospel's
so preached by apostate Christendom are meant in that passage as it's context makes obvious as well as the grammar of it.

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