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What is Universal Atonement ? Quite simply, Universal Atonement is yet another twisted doctrine preached by the fallen of Christendom
which seeks to say Christ died in the stead of every last sinner to ever live, bar none, but failed to pardon and save every last
sinner. He failed because redemption can not take place unless fallen man fill's the conditions he's burdened with by his particular
denomination else the death of Christ did in fact * Not * set him free from the bondage of Satan, sin and death. Fallen man is required
now to put his 2 cents worth into the equation, so to speak, else Christ died for him for nothing. Because of this failure on the part
of Jesus Christ of Holy Scripture to save by grace alone as we read in Eph.2 He is * Not * the Savior promised by God to send into the
world to save sinner's... a direct lie against 1 Jn.2:22... His sacrifice + my acceptance of Him = redemption.

Besides this, it is now preached stealthily that God punishes twice for the same sins... once on Christ for the " whole world "...
hence, every last man... then again on every person who dies in their own sins. God is unjust requiring the death of Christ for sin and
once again on the sinner Christ died for who must burn in hell for infinity. Such is the doctrine of modern Christendom.

The light of Holy Scripture tells us that all who are indeed redeemed... Christ having died in their place who would otherwise die
themselves... are indwelt by the Holy Spirit of God in this life at the moment of redemption as the tangible evidence that these are
indeed redeemed, Eph.1:13,14 and Ro.8:14-17 for example. The two events are inseparable. To deny this is to call God a liar.
Furthermore, the inward and outward evidence of the indwelling Holy Spirit in an elect one results in repentance from sin and an ever
increasing evidence of the fruits of the Spirit which, for certain, the world at large does not evidence.

By the testimony of Christ Himself He decrees He saves His sheep and only His sheep, Jn.10:11,15... note verse 26. The " whole world "
is not included in these statements made by the One who paid the wages of sin otherwise the " whole world " would be evidencing the
fruits of the Spirit recorded for us in Gal.5:22-26 and Eph.5:9 context, which it is not. The twisted exposition of 1 Jn.2:2 by modern
Christendom is applied by the non-elect to the " whole world " to the exclusion of 1 Jn.5:19. The " whole world " of 1 Jn.2:2 refers to
Rev.7:9,10. Besides this, First John is written to God's elect, the sheep of Christ's pasture, not to the non-elect who can not
understand a word of Holy Scripture, Jn.8:43,44; 1 Cor.2:14, being they hate Jesus Christ, Jn.15:18 and His elect, v.19.

The scheme of Universal Atonement is promoted because by the preaching of it every non-elect person becomes an ambassador of Satan
believing and preaching the lie that Jesus Christ of Holy Scripture is not the Promised Savior. This is how Satan can glory in
overtaking all of the denominations of Christendom, 2 Thes. 2:1-12... through his ambassador's. The scheme includes the promotion of
salvation by works as well. Being that Christ died for the " whole world " and quoting 1 Jn.2:2 as a proof text, now fallen man can do
whatever his denomination tells him to do to save himself... be it a recital of the Sinner's Prayer's with gusto or commandment keeping
or repentance or water baptism or whatever, the fallen saves himself by so doing what he is told.

So then, when the false preachers tell you Christ loves you, which is a lie, Ps.5:4-6, and all you have to do is " accept Jesus as your
personal Savior " to become saved, which is a lie, Pv.13:19b; Gen.6:5, since He died for every one, which is a lie, Jn.1:12,13; 3:16;
5:21; Ro.8:9b, you have met an ambassador of Satan face to face exhorting you to become one yourself. Notice that every denomination
except the elect preaches Christ died for the " whole world " meaning saved and lost alike. And notice that the " whole world " is
certainly not indwelt by the Holy Spirit of God which is the evidence of salvation to the recipient and other's of the elect as well.
To be void of the Holy Spirit is to be dead in sin according to Holy Scripture, Jn.14:17; Ro.8:9b.

Modern Christendom takes it's place along side of every other false religion being all false religions require righteous goodness to
come from fallen man so as to initiate redemption for himself. The Living God is also labeled a " mystic " in the bogus scheme of
Universal Atonement which requires a separate post to explain.

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