Free Will... We forfeited it in the Garden of Eden...

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Like it or not, fallen man does not have a " free " will... neither does the Living God but He has committed Himself by revelation via
Holy Scripture as to how He conducts Himself among men issuing Promises and Covenants binding Him to them... But among fallen man he
believes God gave him a free will which God doesn't even evidence in Himself. The will of God and the will of man is an indissoluble
commitment to operate in accord with the nature of same. Rev.22:11... the nature of fallen man can not be changed by the fallen man.
Pv.13:19b; Jn.8:43,44; 1 Cor.2:14, any more than God can change His nature. Heb.13:8

To be under Commandments of every sort as we are... with penalty's attached for failure to comply... evidences our self determination
is under the eye of the One issuing such Commandments. As the Scripture declares... " The eyes of the LORD are in every place,
beholding the evil and the good." Pv.15:3, as our actions are recorded against the Day of Judgment, " Marvel not at this: for the hour
is coming, in the which all that are in the graves shall hear his voice, And shall come forth; they that have done good, unto the
resurrection of life; and they that have done evil, unto the resurrection of damnation. " Jn.5:28,29.

Starting in the Garden of Eden, Adam was under the Commandment issued to him by God not to " take and eat " from the tree of the
knowledge of good and evil. Adam was in and of the flesh, nothing more, as we are as well, having no innate wisdom nor force of will to
keep himself pure. Being given dominion over the whole world, Gen.1:27ff, but confined to be a gardener, Adam's frustration grew to the
point he where he challenged the truth spoken to him by God that he would die the day he took and ate thus violating this single
Commandment given all men. We all acted in contempt against God being we are all equally guilty of the sin of Adam as we come into this
world. Ez.18:4 compare Ps.51:5

Adam feared he would die should he have taken and eaten which simply wouldn't do... so he beguiled Eve to take and eat first testing
this Word of God given to him. Being Adam had dominion over her as well, she followed his prompt and the both of them suffered the
consequences of banishment from God and His abounding graces. Because Satan had a hand in this event... " Professing themselves
to be wise, they became fools... Wherefore God also gave them up... " Ro.1:18ff. We each and every person likewise disgraced himself
and came under the condemnation of being " given up," Ez.18:4... of which we, in our fallen state of being, can not escape, Eph.2:12,
unless God intervenes. Jn.5:21

Being given up by God is evidenced in fallen man in Eph.2:1-3,12; Ro.3:10ff; Ro.8:7,8 and countless other text of Holy Scripture.
Fallen man will simply not have the Lord Jesus Christ reign over him, Lk.19:27 context... which defines fallen man's very nature.
Fallen man, the Word of God declares, is, since his fall, of the same nature as his father the devil, Jn.8:43,44. Being that fallen
mans inner self models after Satan himself according to these passages, man's will is under the control of Satan, 2 Tim.2:26. Such can
be said of fallen man that by right of conquest he is now under the lordship of Satan because that man gave up on the Living God in the
Garden for the dead god, Satan... thereby, fallen man is indeed " given up " to Satan by God... fallen man will not have the Lord Jesus
Christ reign over him any more than will Satan. Parallel natures assure us that fallen man and Satan are fully agreed with one another.

We conclude then that wherever fallen man is found the same nature abiding in Satan abides in fallen man, Jn.8:44... Satan is not
preaching false gospels from his billion dollar cathedrals... his ambassador's are.

All this is not to say fallen man has no will to do good towards his fellow man... he does. The loss of his free will to do
righteousness, as exampled by Adam's rebellion, simply is not in man as the Holy Scriptures abundantly evidences... as well as fallen
man's subsequent way of life. It was fallen man who betrayed Christ just as did Satan... instead, fallen man gladly professes his own
righteousness before God by Sinner's Prayer's which can not save and by electing Mary, a dead woman, to reign over him. Nonetheless, he
can not right himself to God by any power residing in him, Jer.13:23; Pv.13:19b... fallen man is " evil " as far the Son of God is
concerned, Mt.12:34, as well as being " faithless and perverse," Mt.17:17. Such as it is when considering these things it is solely in
God's hand's to raise fallen man from his state of being dead in sin. Jn.5:21 compare Mt.7:21-23.

Thus, " Salvation belongs to the Lord," Ps.3:8... not fallen man.

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