To preach there is a hell is to preach Christ is not risen...

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May 11, 2018, 6:48:37 AM5/11/18

Christendom is apostate... it has fallen away from Bible doctrine as recorded prophesy's said it would... except, of course, God's
elect. 2 Tim.4:3,4; 2 Thes.2:1-12 and Mt.24et al.
One specific way apostate Christendom preaches Christ is not risen is by it's preaching man is immortal so that such make's it possible
for him to burn in torments unto infinity for dying in his sins. This scheme is held as Bible truth by apostate Christians being that
they've fallen victim to the devil's lie that " You shall not surely die" as we read in Gen.3:4. They've changed the decree of God
that... " The wages of sin death..." Ro.6:23a, to " The wages of sin is eternal life, in hell." Both the elect and the non-elect have
eternal life as far as today's apostate Christians are concerned.

Changing the Word of God is common among the fallen. This is one way God's elect know who the apostate are... the moment they try to
deceive... which is what Christ said the apostate of Christendom will do against His elect in these End Times. Mt.24:24. Preaching a
burning hell awaits all persons dying in their sins is how the fallen preach another Jesus... not the One of Holy Scripture... but one
of their own design and in full obedience to Satan who is let loose in the churches to do just that. But first, Satan must oust Jesus
Christ from His seat of authority in the churches so that he can fill that vacancy. 2 Thes.2:1-12; Rev.18.

Because the fallen of Christendom preach a burning hell exists where no one ever really dies for their sins, which is a lie against
Ro.6:23a... " The wages of sin death..." and because the fallen of Christendom preach Christ received the wages of sins for the
" whole world," simply put 2 and 2 together and you have Christ burning in hell as the wages of sin He must endure for any one to be
acquitted of their sins... Christ can not possibly be risen by this kind of preaching.

This kind of preaching is held dear by apostate preachers who've taught this devil's lie to their flocks. These false preachers
constitute the false christs spoken of coming in these End Times in Mt.24. Changing the decree of God that " The wages of sin death" to
" The wages of sin is eternal life, in hell," now opens the gate for fallen Christians to boast of the good things they've done in and
of themselves so as to " accept Jesus as their Savior." Thus, their good work freed them of the obligation to burn in hell for ever
should they have not done this good work. We see, then, that salvation is nothing more than but properly invoking the Lord to save.
Today's preachers and common Christians talk more about what they've done to save themselves then what Christ does in saving sinner's.
Boasting of initiating their own salvation exposes the false preachers and false Christians Christ said would come in these End Times.
Mt.24 et al.

Since pseudo Christians love hell so much... a scheme developed by Plato, an ancient Greek philosopher, who, like the phony Christians
of which apostate Christendom is comprised so the wicked have boasting rights of how they were smarter than the rest being they've
initiated a salvation for themselves, which otherwise doesn't save without fallen man's allowing Christ to save, here's a Syllogism
developed by Aristotle, another ancient Greek philosopher... it goes like this...
Major Premise : Christ is the Sinbearer... enduring the wages of sin for the " whole world."
Minor Premise : Burning alive in hell is the wages sin pays, forever.
Conclusion : Christ can not possibly be risen from hell simply because the wages of sin He's receiving for the " whole world" are never
paid in full.

Test these things on any preacher and common ' Christian ' and you will find they all, except for God's elect, preach Christ is "Not"
risen. Jesus Christ, then, is not a Savior at all and by this subtle preaching Christendom demonstrates it is apostate rejecting Him
for Greek philosophy instead. This is happening right now worldwide being it is the substance of the falling away which must precede
the immediate return of Christ ushering in Judgment Day. 2 Tim.4:3,4 2 Tim.4:1; 2 Thes.1:6-10; 2 Thes.2:1-12 et al.

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