The Millennial Reign of Christ on earth for 1000 years? No such thing according to Holy Scripture...

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May 20, 2018, 6:39:02 AM5/20/18

The fancy idea that the Lord Jesus will reign on earth for a thousand years in Person and from Jerusalem has it's believers, but when
understood from Holy Scripture this idea quickly vanishes... unless, of course, denominational traditions as preached from the pulpit
outweighs the Bible to you.
Here are just a few of the direct text of Holy Scripture telling us plainly that the day Jesus Christ, Everlasting and Living God in
bodily form... the image we are made after by appearance... does indeed return in the clouds with His holy angels and elect as He has
promised is not going to happen with a thousand year gap in between Christ's return and Judgment Day... the Last Day.

2 Tim.4:1 tells us plainly that when Christ return's it * Is * Judgment Day. In 2 Pet.3 we are told that the " day of judgment " and
the " day of the Lord " are synonymous terms and both therefore refer there to the actual day Christ will terminate this present
existence... upon His one and only appearance to collect His sheep and destroy the goats, Mt.25:31-46. This present existence will be
no more since God will create a new heavens and new earth for Himself and for His elect ones where no taint of sin can possibly exist.
Righteousness and it alone will be the key element of the new heavens and earth. The day of Christ's return * Is * the day of judgment
and judgment includes the removal of this present universe from existence along with all un-redeemed persons, Satan, sin and death as
in Rev.20ff.

The Millennialist's will have Jesus Christ here reigning from Jerusalem in Person because they live by sight, not faith... faith, which
to them, is objective and not subjective since the kind of faith spoken of in Holy Scripture is of the kind no man has, Mt.17:17, but
is of the kind given to Christ's elect upon the moment redemption is applied to them, Gal.2:16; Acts 13:48. Christ would be held in
contempt, verbally brutalized and spurned just as much and more than He is now and upon His first appearance should He be some kind of
Monarch ruling from Jerusalem as the Millennialist's have themselves designed. * That * is not going to happen because when Christ does
appear in the clouds it is Judgment Day and the termination of all evil persons as in Rev.20.

The great temple of Solomon is where the Millennialist's have placed Christ to reign as though He rules from temples made for that
purpose. That temple must first be re-built, of course. The Arab state now occupying it will gladly let that happen ? The proposition
is pleasing to the Millennialist's who fail to understand that Christ's first appearance did not bring about global redemption any more
than it has today being fallen man will not have the Son of God reign over him, Lk.19, notably v.14... fallen man hates Jesus Christ,

2 Thes.1:5-10 and 2 Thes.2:1-12 tells us plainly that upon Christ's return it is Judgment Day, v.8, and it is for what is called the
" Rapture," v.1.

Mt.25:31-46 tells us the chronological order of the events taking place upon the one day of Christ's return... not a thousand years...
one day.

Isa.13:6,9 tells us " the day of the Lord " is the day this world will be terminated... " the day of the Lord," 2 Pet.3:10

The word " thousand " of Rev.20 does not mean one thousand by count. See Ps.50:10 for example where " thousand " means
" everything; all; fully; Ps.24, " etc.; " thousand " also means " one day " in 2 Pet.3:8. In Rev.20:4 the elect have been reigning
with Christ since Abel until now and unto the Last Day and on to infinity... that's how the word " thousand " is used there. Christ's
kingdom is not of this world, Jn.18:36. And, since the Bible teaches clearly that the Lord Jesus' return is Judgment Day, the worldly
Millennialist's are telling us they know the day when this world will end... on the thousandth day after Christ returns to reign on
earth from Jerusalem in Person... an impossibility, Mt.24:36, and a lie against God.

Painting themselves into a corner the Millennialist's have surpassed their idea of 1000 year reign of Christ on earth by their
preaching of a burning hell. Burning hell comes out of Greek Mythology as any one can do their homework and discover. Plato is given
credit for his scheme that the wicked never seem to get the justice due them for their many wicked acts while the on earth. These go on
to their final reward for their wickedness in a burning hell. Plato taught Re-incarnation as well. A person Re-incarnates into some
form or other out of the grave and into burning hell.

Plato also taught immortality. One can not be dismissed to burn in hell for ever and for ever without first Re-incarnating out of the
grave and then burn for ever in hell without also being immortal. This is precisely the doctrine of Christendom you will notice.
" The wages of sin... " is not death any longer... " The wages of sin is eternal life in burning hell." Those of Christendom preaching
there is a burning hell awaiting the un-redeemed preach Greek Mythology, not God's Word. But, it's more then just that...

fallen Christendom's member's preach the Savior and Great God Jesus Christ is * Not * risen on every occasion they as they preach
burning hell, so there, once again, is no possibility of Christ reigning from any where for a thousand years let alone from a temple
that will never be built since He is preached by Christendom as burning in hell. Catching fallen Christendom in their own folly they
preach Christ paid the wages of sin of all persons... the " whole world " and Christendom uses 1 Jn.2:2 as their proof text to
substantiate this claim.

The problem is, that if Christ died for all person's... the " whole world," He can not be risen since Christendom made burning in hell
for ever and for ever the place where the wages of sin is meted out to the sinner. The member's of Christendom preach Jesus Christ of
the Bible a complete and utter failure and that being the case we are to look for the real Savior to appear in Bethlehem. This factor
constitutes the " strong delusion " being sent down by God on apostate Christendom so they wholeheartedly believe their own lies,
2 Thes.2:1-12.

These are just some of the text and reason's why there is no such thing as a Millennial Reign of Christ for a thousand years on this
sin consumed earth.

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