The reward of apostate Christendom... Armageddon, Rev.16:16

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May 20, 2018, 6:26:28 AM5/20/18

Contrary to denominational traditions, the " Great Tribulation " as it's called, is happening right now. It's not and never was nor
will be the events in the world which forecast we are nearly at the Last Day, Mt.24, but the events in Christendom. 2 Thes.2:1-12;
2 Tim.4:3,4; 2 Thes.1:6-10 et al. Simply put, Christendom has become " the habitation of devils..." Rev.18, because we are told from
Holy Scripture that Satan rules in all of it's churches. 2 Thes.2:1-12; 1 Jn.5:19 et al

The first people to disagree with Holy Scripture is, of course, those in business who merchandize it, Mt.24; 2 Tim.4:3,4; Rev.18.
Beyond that, their flocks echo whatever pleases their " itching ears," having installed themselves under the fruitless tree cursed by
God to whither, Mt.21:19; Rev.18... the fig tree is apostate Israel as well as apostate Christendom and the world at large being these
all have covered themselves by works... salvation by the work of man, Gen.3:7... apostate Christendom is called " Babylon" in
Revelations... physical Babylon is not in view in Revelations since it is not in existence to be tenable to End Time events. Physical
Babylon is just an empty shell these days... it is the events in Christendom which signal we are very near the Last Day being it is not
Babylon, the once great city, preaching to the world that the Savior Jesus Christ is a failure... it is apostate Christians of apostate
Christendom preaching the Savior Jesus Christ is a failure. Israel is long since out of the way, Ro.11.

It, apostate Christendom, has installed a dead and buried female as their king giving Mary reign in the churches for nearly two
millennium... even to the claiming that she is necessary for salvation to ever come about to anyone... so say the ancients. This
includes just over one billion of the seven billion people living today. Another billion people constituting apostate Christendom have
concocted gospel's of self-salvation via recitals of Sinner's Prayer's... the favorite, succinct formula by which the recital of it
with gusto invites oneself into forgiveness of sin while dead in sin. Eph.2. The glory for the initiating of salvation in ones own
behalf naturally goes to the one who initiates. " Initiate " is defined as 1. cause (a process or action) to begin. 2. admit (someone)
into a secret or obscure society or group, typically with a ritual.

This is what main stream Protestantism is all about... self-salvation via an initiating ritual of words while in the flesh, dead in
sin, Eph.2:1-3, wholly incapable of pleasing God, Ro.8:7,8. The Lord Jesus Christ, then, is but a potential Savior at best. His
salvation relies entirely on the wicked properly invoking Him from a pure heart which no man has. Such recitals try to make oneself an
heir to an inheritance not otherwise granted by God. It is the Lord Jesus Christ who gives life to whomever " He " wills, Jn.5:21, not
the one feigning Him by wise schemes of self-salvation by filling conditions set by denominational traditions, Ps.50:16 and following.

The culmination of all it's evil is Armageddon, Rev.16:16 context... a synonym for Judgment Day, the Last Day. Seven billion people are
certainly not about to travel to Israel, especially their most hated half brother's, and do battle against Jesus Christ. Neither will
the Evangelical preacher's nor the Pope leave their fortunes behind to fight the fight they've chosen to fight against Jesus Christ,
God Everlasting. Physical Armageddon as a physical battle is just another worldly conclusion drawn up by the worldly. How do you get
seven billion people into Israel to wait upon their own slaying ?Who willingly goes to their own gallows for their sins save the elect?

The bottom line is simply that the Great Tribulation is going on right now, 2 Thes.1:6-10 ( " tribulation " and " trouble " are the
same words in the original language ) The elect are troubled by these false gospel's and God is sending " strong delusion " down on all
pseudo Christians promoting a different Jesus... the non-elect are in Tribulation being they do not have the Gospel of Jesus Christ as
broadcast world wide by the various denominations, Mt.24:14, and they can not discern Holy Scripture, Lk.8:10, to discover the real
Gospel. The elect have vacated all the churches of Christendom, Rev.18:4 and chapter. God as well is in tribulation, Gen.6:6, in this

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