While not according to Christendom, faith and believing is the same thing in Holy Scripture...

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Sep 6, 2017, 6:45:19 AM9/6/17

A word study in the original language of Holy Scripture reveals to us that the English words translated " faith " and
" believe " both derive from the same root word " pistis "... " faith " is translated from the noun form of the Greek original while
" believe " is translated from the verb form. Why so technical ? Quite simply, the elect are given the task of discerning truth or lies
by way of Holy Scripture coming from those around them, 1 Jn.4... there are plenty of anti-Christ's around preaching their Gnostic
gospels murdering souls for Satan, 1 Jn.1:28 context.

Dissecting, for example, the Sinner's Prayer... that scheme whereas one recites his way into the good graces of Almighty God, we find
the phrase... " By faith I gratefully receive your gift of salvation. " That, of course, is Gnostic non-sense... fallen man has no
faith to be grateful to God for, Mt.17:17... he is " apistos "... the negative form of " pistis; " unbelieving; heathen; fully lacking
the identifying element in himself by which God knows His chosen ones, and His by which His chosen ones know Him." Coupled to that he
is said by God in that passage to be " perverse "... " distorted; corrupt... lacking any and all ability to cause himself to please God
being he is " faithless," Heb.11:6.

All fallen men are under the condemnation of Ro.3:10 and following in their fallen state of being, except, of course, by their own
definition the church going Christian. Fallen man can not change his nature as the modern Christian says he can by some ridiculous
recital such as the Sinner's Prayer, Pv.13:19b, any more than he can have his sin nature changed by some person calling himself a
priest as he waves his hands around mumbling under his nose some pretentious sanctifying words resulting in genuine redemption. God
simply does not hear nor responds in kind to fallen man's schemes of " how to " save oneself, Is.59:2; Eph.2:12. It all falls back on
the demonic lie that Christ died for the " whole world " so that fallen man can now choose to be saved or not out of his own none
existent free will, 2 Tim.2:26 context. Such gets him bragging rights being his personal intelligence delivered him.

If Christ died for the " whole world " the " whole world " is filled with the Holy Sprit of God since Christ's dying in place of
someone is evidenced He did by Christ instilling in that person His Holy Spirit, Eph.1:13,14. The " whole world, " by it's own
abounding evidence, is yet in a sexual embrace with Satan, 1 Jn.5:19. Universal Atonement is a demonic lie.

It is said as plain as day in Holy Scripture that fallen man is " faithless," Mt.17:17. It is also said as plain as day that fallen man
by no means in and of himself delivers himself out of the clutches of Satan, sin and death in Jn.1:12,13 which a Sinner's Prayer
purports to do by the recital of it with gusto. But, true to their false gospels, out of the pulpit you will never hear v.13 attached
to v.12 of John 1. Why ? Simply because the preaching's of Christendom evidence it is solidly convinced fallen man saves himself by
conjuring up a faith God says he doesn't have as in Mt.17:17.

In fact, passages preached by the pulpit which are aimed at the elect are stolen by the non-elect and applied to themselves thereby
justifying themselves by those passages... such as Eph.2:8,9. Paul is writing to the elect, 1:1... to the " faithful "...not the
" faithless." The " faith " spoken of there which is " not of yourselves " is the faith of Jesus Christ, Gal.2:16, which is the gift of
God given after, not before, Christ administers eternal life to His elect one, Acts 13:48. Who does the giving ? The Savior Jesus
Christ. When does He give the faith that believes ? After, not before, the raising from the dead of His elect one who was otherwise
fulfilling the lusts of his flesh in this life, Eph.2:1-3, being " faithless. " The fallen and natural man finds the Gospel of Jesus
Christ as given in Holy Scripture to be " foolishness," 1 Cor.2:14; and finding it an abomination to turn from his love of Satan, sin
and death, Pv.13:19b. If the Living God does not rescue him he'll remain in that condition from cradle to grave.

Who gets the glory and thanksgiving for this work of redemption? Certainly not the fallen man reciting his Sinner's Prayer supposing
such a recital saves. That man has effectively * invited himself *into the kingdom of God by his recital. This is contrary to Jn.5:21
where we read it is God, not fallen man, who initiates redemption in fallen man. Fallen man can not possibly obtain what is given
solely by God by his clever recitals else man is saved by works and all who are mentally incapable are created by God to be not worthy
of redemption while the smart, are. When you find the typical Christian telling you to " accept Jesus as Lord and Savior " to become
saved as " he " did you have met a genuine anti Christ boasting of his very dynamic intelligence who beat the system... since Ro.3:10
ff doesn't apply to him he boasts of his initiating the grace of God to flow to him which would otherwise not come if he hadn't.

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