To " Fall from grace " is impossible for the elect, Jn.10:28-30, but happens daily to the pretenders...

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The last of the 5 points of Calvinism which addresses the 5 points of Arminianism which came first has to do with what has been
called... " Falling from grace," and is answered by a doctrine which is called " Perseverance of the saint's." What is meant by the
former is that in modern Christendom Christ takes back His redemption and forsakes the one He allegedly died in place of because the
individual fell into grievous sin and repented not of it. This scheme is arrived at by modern Christendom as the logical end result of
an individual who recited his Sinner's Prayer thinking such saved him. In other words, since fallen man thinks he saved himself he can
undo this willful relationship to Christ whenever he so chooses. In practice this means Jesus Christ is fickle even though the
individual was never redeemed to begin with since good works can not redeem any more than a mouthful of words coming from the fallen as
he pretends Sinner's Prayer's or any other good works redeem. The polluted portrait of Christ painted by modern but fallen Christendom
tells the world Jesus Christ is a failure regardless of Jn.10:28-30 et al.

The individual becomes yet another ambassador of Satan preaching to the world he can change his mind about Christ and slip back into
the world as he was before his recital or other good works done while in the flesh in order to initiate an otherwise unreachable
salvation. In this lies the self deceit that while faithless, Mt.17:17, he placed a faith he doesn't have into Christ who the Word of
God declares every fallen person hates, Jn.15:18. We know Jesus Christ, God Everlasting, will not be shamed by such Gnostic treatment
of His Word... we know the person never did fall from grace because he never was graced by God with salvation. That fallen man is
certainly without the indwelling Holy Spirit who would never and could never guide him into sin... instead, He rescues.

The elect, on the other hand, do not fall away because they can not. The elect are sinner's... no doubt about that at all since
"... there is not a righteous man on earth who continually does good and who never sins, " Ecc.7:20. The righteousness of the elect is
not based in the elect... their righteousness is based in the Savior, Jesus Christ, who paid the wages of their sins with His own life
thus satisfying justice otherwise due them. And, because the elect never sought for God as the Scriptures teach, Ro.10:20 for example
and Ro.3:10 ff, these are not burdened by fallen Christendom which teaches the fallen " accept Jesus " and are saved by that
acceptance. The elect give all of the glory to God for their redemption because * That * is the One the Holy Scripture teaches plainly
gave them life, Jn.5:21; Acts 13:13-48; Eph.2:1-22.

The elect were placed on the path which leads to life, they stumble along the way, but are lifted up and set aright again. Not so for
the pretentious and self-saved Christian. They go about bragging of their choice of Christ all the while the Word of God decrees it's
not possible to save oneself being Christ haters, Jn.15:18, and faithless, Mt.17:17, as they do the good works which they think saved
them. They do not understand the plain teaching of Holy Scripture that those who would be saved was determined before God created the
world as we read in Eph.1:3-14 and Ro.9. Being that the gifts and calling of God are irrevocable, Ro.11:29, death does not follow along
behind God's... elect David being a prime example.

Ro.6,7,and 8 tells us that the saints will persevere never falling into condemnation unto death. To preach otherwise as does fallen
Christendom is to call God a liar and so preaching Falling from grace as it does exposes it's belief system as nothing more than yet
another designer religion whereas fallen man overthrows the determinate purpose of God.

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