None of the solders sent to fight in vietnam returned, all of them died. From such was developed the ability to disconnect human brains and reconnect them in cloned kidskin from toothpicked kindergadeners.

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Jun 28, 2017, 9:40:04 PM6/28/17
Instructions for Santa Claus (where the stolen skin cells went, etc) + Readvertisment of magizian alchemy kits #1 (copper to gold) and #2 (lead to mercury)
Dear Santa,
I'm gonna need you to drop magical packages on San Jose, Ca where the stolen skins cells went/are and New York Harbor where the south american diseases have been coming in via britalia.

After that, were gonna have to go back to Britalia 1376 via 1384 and simultaniously drop 2 large signs written in britalian languia, one on their west coast stating "This is not north." and one on their east coast stating "This is not south."

Doing so buys us 250 years, and proof that these things happen/happened is that santa claus is germainian.
Proof that santa is germanian is that santa is afraid of the color green and linguistic accents especialy swedic, swiss, or germainian... this is from when they thought putting green wreaths on their door/windows and green leaves on their roof and the temperature somehow from freezing would save them from the wrath of santa as they tried to completely change santa linage from norse (the large frosty island northwest of britalia) to celt (ireland/scottland).
..and proof that santa isn't britalian is that saint claus wouldn't be afraid of own children or any others as every britalian is.

Santa, after dropping the two packages, I'll meet you in britalia 1376, which may have already happened for me, after which time, find me in my capital city on the northeastern border of bolivia which is parallel to the craddle of life which is parallel to the pyramid for idiots.

Dr. Hunter Reon Barnes, Ph.D., D.S.
King of Grece/Polania/Rome/and a few other pile of rocks
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