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Nov 30, 2012, 2:34:02 AM11/30/12
Hey All,

I just finished Nanowrimo and now that I have free time again I'm looking to join a trek game. I am not really looking to play an officer. I'm looking to play a civilian team member--maybe a Moral Officer or a Lounge manager but I am specifically looking to play the love interest to a Klingon, Bajoran, Vulcan or Cardassian Officer. If you do NEED someone to fill a position in medical/counselling/security/tactical I am willing to be a team player and do that for you.

I've been gaming for years (about 13 years now) and I am author.

I would like to develop a great love story and watch it grow as the missions progress. It won't be p*o*r*n because that's no fun but some adult content (nothing vulgar) would be required eventually.

I am not looking for a game set in TOS or the new Trek movies. Anything from Picard to Janeway excluding DS9. I really don't want a base because, well, never had much luck with those. But if you can convince me why your base is different and doesn't have my character wandering aimlessly around the base with nothing to do - I am willing to consider it. I would really like a game where people dont just post none stop for a month then disappear. I've had that happened to me three times this year. I don't want complicated game systems--yahoogroups or nova will do. And no message boards--those things just give me a headache.

Bottom Line?

I'm looking for some amazing writers who know how to carry a story. I would create the character specifically for this ship/game and for the purposes of being the love interest to whatever character picks me. So if you have a great game and you're looking for someone AND you have room for a love story please email me at kadykades @ (without the spaces of course). I look forward to hearing from you.
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