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WCP : Top Ten List

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Capt. Johnny

Feb 23, 1998, 3:00:00 AM2/23/98

My apologies if this has been posted previously..
But I found this rather humorous when I saw it..

Ten Signs that you're addicted to Wing Commander Prophecy:

1. You keep hitting the 'C' key to talk to people.
2. When using your dustbuster, you pretend its a Marine LC.
3. You 'autoslide' when walking.
4. Whenever you see a roach, you start looking for his wingman.
5. You make 'afterburner' noises when passing cars on the freeway.
6. When pulling into a parking garage, you wait for the 'AUTO' light to
appear on your dashboard.
7. You use the power mirrors in your car like turrets.
8. You get upset when you can't get a torpedo lock on the truck in front of
9. You think Mark Hamill is a darn fine actor.
10. You end every conversation with "Break and attack!"

Okay, so it was funnier with a couple of beers in me...



Sean Murphy

Feb 23, 1998, 3:00:00 AM2/23/98

HA! Now THIS is funny!
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