Review: Lightening Force (Quest For the Darkstar)

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Daniel W. Rouse Jr.

Jul 17, 2013, 4:06:38 AM7/17/13
Let's get this out right now: "Lightening Force (Quest For the Darkstar)" is
ThunderForce IV.

First, before anything else, before even playing the game, go into the
configuration screen. In addition to setting game settings, there is a sound
test section. Go ahead and play the music from this game--my favorites are
from Stage 1-1, Stage 4, Stage 6, and Stage 8.

Okay, so now the difficulty has been selected, the number of ships has been
selected. Time to play the game. Hopefully, in the US "Lightening Force"
version, the remaining ships was not set to zero. If it was, that's the 99
lives cheat--good for learning the game and just going right through it (and
learning where hidden powerup sections are located) but very bad for
learning specific stage strategies. Therefore, start on Easy, with the
default number of ships, as a first time game play session. But if you
must--then play the 99 lives cheat only once but only once.

Twin Shot can be powered up to Blade, Back Shot can be powered up to Rail
Gun, there's the Snake, the Free Way, and the Hunter. Claw doubles the
firepower. My advice: don't use Hunter without a shield!

Some stages scroll up and down to reveal more screen area. Don't let
powerups go by due to this (like the Shield and the 1-up in Daser).

Unfortunately, there is some slowdown, such as when fighting just the Stage
1 Gargoyle Diver with Blade plus Claw. I don't find the slowdown to be
objectionable, but it is noticable--just release the fire button to see what
the area is like without slowdown, then hold down the fire button and see
the slowdown. (Unlike Hellfire, though, the music does not slowdown and
speed up when the fire button is held down or released--it stays at a
consistent tempo.)

Personally, I find Stage 8 and anything beyond to be quite unforgivingly
difficult if any significant weapon is lost. See, Claw becomes Thunder Sword
starting at Stage 6. So, losing Claw loses Thunder Sword. Losing Blade means
the weaker Twin Shot. Losing Snake or Hunter in stage 8 means lots of lasers
bouncing off the walls in stage 8. I still haven't figured out how to
destroy the robot tubes in stage 8 without losing a turn. Stage 9, the Crab
boss is much more difficult without Rail Gun. Stage 10 first has that robot
that appears just before stage 6, only actually attacking with shots and
lasers that CAN destroy the player's ship. The spider boss is also not easy,
but if Hunter is used, will take out the required shot enough times to
destroy it.

Supposedly, there is a 2,100,000 no miss bonus. That's no miss as in no loss
of a turn. There will certainly be times where shots do miss some enemies.

I've only finished the game on Easy, and got all the way to the start of
Stage 10 on Normal. There are also Hard and Maniac difficulties.

Daniel W. Rouse Jr.

Jul 17, 2013, 4:08:57 AM7/17/13
Almost forgot to mention, this is for the Sega Genesis console...

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