Review: Raiden Trad (Sega Genesis)

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Daniel W. Rouse Jr.

Jul 17, 2013, 2:56:05 AM7/17/13
This is a review of Raiden Trad (Sega Genesis).

Reduce the color pallette, reduce the number of hits to destroy the enemy,
decrease the plane hitbox, make the fire bomb affect the entire screen, and
use startback checkpoints rather than instant respawn.

That covers all the gameplay, for those familiar with the arcade version of

Soundtrack is decent overall, and the music does resemble those of the
arcade version of Raiden; however, the stage 2 music sounds like it is NES
(8-bit) music, rather than 16-bit.

One key point on the fire bomb in Raiden Trad--if the plane is hit as a bomb
is deployed, the bomb does NO damage at all.

One other key point--the enemy shots are WAY FASTER than arcade Raiden at
it's highest setting. Seriously, play this game on Easy and the shots are
about as fast as arcade Raiden, plus each startback point has a fairy appear
that drops some powerups. Now play on Normal or Hard--those enemy shots are
really fast! Now go play Raiden at its highest setting--despite needing more
shots to destroy enemies plus the fire bomb only affecting the bomb
explosion area--those shots are much slower than those in Raiden Trad for
the Sega Genesis.

Also... Raiden Trad does not loop like the arcade. Instead, there is an
extra hard/extra fast enemy shots "Heavy Nova" special stage 9, then the
game ends.

For those wanting the "true" version of Raiden--get The Raiden Project for
the PSOne. For those that also want to play Raiden on something like a Sega
Nomad, Raiden Trad is still playable enough despite the differences vs. the
arcade version of Raiden.

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