Review: Viewpoint (Sega Genesis)

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Daniel W. Rouse Jr.

Jul 17, 2013, 3:03:53 AM7/17/13
Keep the same isometric perspective as the arcade version of Viewpoint,
remove some enemies, decrease the color palette and detail of the scrolling
background, decrease the number of hits for some enemies, and deal with some

That covers most of the gameplay of the Sega Genesis version of Viewpoint.
It's still Viewpoint, just done 16-bit style.

"1, 2, 3-4 hit it". Yes, most of the music in Viewpoint does resemble the
arcade's music. Voices are grainy, as many Sega Genesis voices are, but the
music plays clearly without any discernable static or distortion. That said,
I still can't figure out what is being said during boss fight music, beyond
"hey" and "woah".

One significant flaw--occasionally, boss shots will flicker slightly during
more dense shot patterns. This is also where slowdown will occur during boss
battles. However--since the hitbox is the entire ship, it almost requires
throwing a fire wall bomb (assuming one is in stock) to overcome this. Seems
that the homing bomb or the shadow bomb does not overcome this, only the
fire wall bomb.

The true version of Viewpoint is a NEO-GEO game.

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