Running Yaroze games from CD?

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Rikki Prince

Aug 1, 1999, 3:00:00 AM8/1/99
Has anyone managed to get a Yaroze game to run off of a CD in a chipped PSX.
I haven't got a chipped PSX or a CDR (d'oh), but I'm interested in whether
this is possible.




Aug 2, 1999, 3:00:00 AM8/2/99

Rikki Prince wrote in message <>...

Yes, this is perfectly possible, I simply record the CD as CDROM-XA, MODE
2, and it seems to work just fine, you have to combine your executeable with
the LIBPS.exe on the yaroze CD first (use combine.exe) and then make sure
its a multiple of 2048byte (if you compile with codewarrior it appears to
never be a incorrect size), you can use exefixup.exe for that.

I am STILL experimenting in order to get my proggy to not only run when
booted off a CD (that part works fine), but also to be able to read CD files
after booting (something which works fine when transferred over cable, but
not when booting from CD)

I believe some things havn't been initialized when booting your own CD, the
yaroze boot program must do more than just load LIBPS.


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