Anyone here who plays Mystery Dungeon?

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Job Bautista

Aug 5, 2021, 12:18:28 AM8/5/21
I just started replaying my copy of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers
of Time. Currently in the Brine Cave mission. I completed the main story
of Red Rescue Team, but not its postgame.

I chose Cyndaquil+Chikorita. Probably not the best duo for the postgame,
but in my experience with Explorers, they absolutely wrecked the bosses
I've encountered. Smokescreen is just too OP.

I haven't played any Mystery Dungeon game that is not Pokemon, but I'm
interested in playing one. What game (that is localized in English)
would you suggest? Chocobo 2 looks interesting.

Maybe if this gains enough traction, I could start a rescuing (by Wonder
Mail passwords of course) thread here.

Job Bautista

An XUL fanatic, and an add-ons developer. I also do some simple
userscripts and bash scripting.

I like Cyndaquil. He's obviously the best Pokemon starter. Every Johto
Pokemon is cool too.
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