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.Gerry's Worst Nightmare

Jan 24, 2022, 12:04:17 PMJan 24
On 1/23/2022 10:18 PM, Sygmund_F aka Gerry Binder, aka Nurse Ratched,
aka Sigmund Froyd, aka Sygmund_F, aka Walt_M, aka waltmitty, aka N=N+1,
aka Jew Hating Nazi, aka GOD, aka TheWiz, aka Commie Faggot, aka ObyOne
Texanfuckah, aka F4Phantom, aka Darren Thorneton

Fat and Bald is no way to go through life fuckwit...

Fat Ass & Bald Gerry in his natural state:

Little Dictator Gerry

>>> FUCKTARD, lying blowhard troll, welfare fraudster fucknut,
>>> terrorist sympathizing, dole-bludging, anal retentive limpdick,
>>> race-baiting, Net Cop Spider, Wanker Spider, Humourless Git Spider,
>>> Control Freak Spider, racist anarchist, cry-bully, village idiot,
>>> ass-licking, sperm guzzling, cock snogging, scrotum sucking, bum
>>> banging, pig fucking, Fritz admiring, animal fondling, wank cloth,
>>> spunk trumpet, thunder cunt, waste-of-rations, spunk bubble
>>> horrenda-cunt, terrorist-supporting, fucknugget.. etc., etc.
Poor Lyin' Gerry... What a sad little poser*, terrorist sympathizing,
brainwashed fuckwit he is. - so bereft of worthwhile ideas, never
anything Flight Sim related. And now that it's come down to the endgame,
what's he got left? Just his usual cyberstalking, abuse, and defamatory
lies.... Cyberstalking, abuse and defamatory lies is all he's been doing
for years just to destroy AGMFS. That's it. He's got nothing else, he
wants nothing else. Nil. Nada. Zip, the fuckin' Poser*.


But there is a group of people that many veterans utterly detest, with
every ounce of our collective being: military posers. A military poser
is someone who, through fabrication, exaggeration, omission, or lack of
correction creates or allows to be created an incorrect perception of
his or her military service status. *Simply put, if reasonable people
think you are representing yourself as someone or something you are not,
then you’re a poser*. *Period*.

So who isn’t a poser under this definition? The short answer is, outward
appearance on its own doesn’t count, it’s all about intent. People who
wear military-style fatigues to do rugged work like hunting, or simply
to stay warm, are not posers. Children who are obviously too young for
military service aren’t posers. People who wear military-themed
clothing, including unit- or qualification-specific shirts or hats, are
not automatically posers (do you think everyone wearing an NFL jersey
played professional football?). Legitimate reenacts aren’t posers, and
as for Airsofters… well, that’s debatable. Anyway, even celebrities who
wear stylized military uniforms or hipsters who wear military-style
jackets or hats to be “ironic” aren’t posers, they’re just douchebags.
That’s an important difference.

But there are plenty of people out there who talk like us, dress up like
us, and/or try to convince people that they are us. They make up stories
about anything from being a war hero to being a war criminal. They are
disgusting excuses for human beings and they make life harder for all
real veterans out there, and they are loathed by the military community.
Let me explain:

To begin with, it’s important to understand the poser spectrum. There
are four general categories of military posers. On the scale of hardest
to easiest to detect, you have the “elite fabricators,” then “the
exaggerators,” followed by the “let you assume-ers,” and finally the
“outright inventors.” The elite fabricators go to great lengths to
falsify their military experience. They order realistic-looking
certificates, medals, and military regalia online and deeply research
their roles. They are often hard to sniff out and might even pass
initial muster with real veterans… for a while.

*Exaggerators actually served, but inflate or in some cases just make up
important details. These are the kinds of people who, for example, might
have been a mechanic (an important job!) but want everyone to think that
he was some kind of elite ninja SpecOps killer. They generally have
enough knowledge about the military to fake it with their civilian
friends, but usually get outed quickly enough when in the company of
other veterans, especially those with the kind of experience that the
poser is claiming to have*.

The “assumers” give you very few details, but benefit from letting you
fill in the details they leave out. They often, but not always, had some
kind of military service… but it wasn’t quite good enough for their
egos. So, they give a few details and let you assume away the rest. For
example, someone you meet might make a comment like, “Well, back when I
was with Group…” which may lead you to believe that the individual in
question is a Special Forces-qualified individual. When the individual’s
story falls apart later, he can always fall back on, “Well, I never SAID
that I was a Green Beret.” Right, Sparky, but you actively tried to get
people to think it, and you did nothing to disabuse them of the notion
once they got it into their heads. You’re a poser, bro.

There can be hybrid posers; for example, an exaggerator who never made
it out of basic training might become an elite fabricator courtesy of
the Internet, and may be able to hide it all behind a mask of
assumptions and on-the-spot inventions when questioned about his
service. Hybrids can be notoriously difficult to spot, but fortunately
they’re pretty rare. Unfortunately, sometimes they can get a lot of
mileage out of fabricating, exaggerating, inventing, and letting people
assume things about their military resume.










| |
Gerry Lies
\ (• •) /
\ /
| |

| |
Projection, Thy Name Is Gerry!
\ (• •) /
\ /
| |

Socialism has been murdering millions upon millions for decades in evil
wars designed to prop up the wealthy elite. It's NOT new that socialism
is willing to kill millions of his own people as their economy tanks
{Venezuela} so the wealthy can maintain power and get richer off the
backs of the oppressed people. Are we starting to see what's wrong with
the World's evil brand of socialism yet, boys and girls?

Lying Gerry's Motto: Lie, Deny and Counter-accuse:
Tell a lie Often and Loud enough and MAYBE someone will believe it:

Got any flight sim talk to contribute here today Walnut?

Let the good times roll...

Hero's war cry: "Keep on hosing the Freedom
Fighters and wasting away the teenagers, so
we can brag about it to the gilded youths.
Let the good times roll!!!

Offense is always free in usenet

Those Offended by my Sigs are generally only self-professed war heroes,
PX warriors, newsgroup destroyers, lying blowhards, Trolls, bigots,
Pathetic Pious Pricks, POSER's, anti-American's, terrorist sympathizers,
anal retentive limpdicks, f*ckwits, lying toxic mega trolls,
race-baiters, Bacon Boys, paranoid schizophrenics and village idiots.
It is delivered only in the form of harmless, tiny little electronic
characters appearing on their monitors, tablets or cell phones.


POSER - Exaggerator

Exaggerators actually served, but inflate or in some cases just
make up important details. These are the kinds of people who,
for example, might have been a cook but want everyone to think
that he was some kind of elite ninja SpecOps killer.
They generally have enough knowledge about the military to fake
it with their civilian friends, but usually get outed quickly enough
when in the company of other veterans, especially those with the
kind of experience that the poser is claiming to have.


There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING preventing people posting
flightsim and/or aviation related material here except
Lying Gerry and the NoT's intolerance of the rights
of others and their psychological inability to stop
posting confrontational, hypocritical, broken logic,
totally unrelated to simming.

Therefore, please do not complain about any lack of
flightsim and/or aviation related material here if _you_
have not complained directly to Lying Gerry and/or to the NoT.
In the meantime, please enjoy the thought provoking
"off-topic" discussions brought to you by the destroyers
of AGMFS, Lying Gerry and the NoT.
Who knows, they may even fry your mind.

The facts speak for themselves:

Fact [1]: Two control freaks (Lying Gerry and his flying monkey
Cyril), who thought they owned this newsgroup, attacked the rest
of the group and tried to ostracized them because they
occasionally voiced OT Posts.

Fact [2]: Lying Gerry "trolled" insanely for years.
Lying Gerry then blamed everyone else for the destruction
of the newsgroup by claiming he was the victim.

*False Victimization Syndrome*
The cyberstalker will claim that the victim is
harassing him/her. Bocij writes that this phenomenon has been noted in a
number of well-known cases. – And yet ANOTHER hallmark of your average



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